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Wishram, NY

Wishram, WA is a station on the Empire Builder towards the upper end of the Columbia River George named for a tiny community of just 213 named for a Native American tribe of the same name. It is a railroad town because the Oregon Truck Rail Bridge crosses the river into Oregon just west of the station. The stop is located alongside a rail yard on the banks of the Columbia along a street fittingly named Railroad Avenue. The station platform has been rebuilt into ADA compliant standards and now looks like most of the others along the Empire Builder with a black fence, tactile warning strip, a wheelchair lift enclosure (when I was there for a brief fresh air stop the conductors at this unstaffed station were trying to figure out if they even had the keys to unlock it), a couple modern silver metal signs and a line of twin bulb decorative looking lampposts. There is a ramp and fence that can be open electrically along the platform in case anything large needs to be brought up onto the tracks and rail yard beyond. Alongside the platform is a small Amtrak parking lot and modern pre-fabricated metal building with BNSF Railway Wishram Terminal signs on it. This building is for BNSF, Amtrak passengers only have the platform to wait on.
Photos 1-15 taken on 19 October, 2011, 16 on 27 June, 2013

Entrance to the BNSF Wishram terminal
Passengers enjoy there smokes along the portion of the fence along the platform that can be opened for road access to the yard beyond
The edge of the BNSF building now just faces the fenced off platform
Looking by the Sightseer Lounge at the front of the train
Modern metal station sign
No baggage service at this station, the baggage compartment of the Superliner Coach-Baggage Car stays locked
An ADA parking space, Wheelchair lift enclosure and BNSF building beyond
More parking along the well-lit platform
A family outside there sleeper
The new wheelchair lift enclosure
More passengers enjoy a fresh air stop
Looking out the window at Wishram (not a smoke stop today) although its summer and daylight, the building has been repainted white
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Last Updated: 13 July, 2011
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