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Winona, MN is a locomotive crew change point on the Empire Builder. This makes it a brief fresh air stop for trains. The station platform is made of concrete and wood. The wooden portion is planks covering a second station track, along the track that at least eastbound Empire Builders use. The stop has recently gotten the addition of modern signage along the platform and there is a historic Milwaukee Road Station house still staffed by an Amtrak employee and offers checked baggage. The station house is set back from the tracks used by the Empire Builder a bit with a parking lot and grass in between, a second branch line track with a brick platform is right outside of the actual depot and has its overhang. The parking lot is so close to the platform without a genuine fence that temporary barricades have been set up that have little printed signs (signed by Amtrak) on them saying "No Parking, No Driving on Platform."
Photos 1-4: 14 July, 2006, 5-20: 24 October, 2011, 21-40: 2 July, 2013

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Looking down the platform at Winona MN. Superliner-II Sightseer Lounge Car #33047 is in the station, on the Empire Builder.
14 July, 2006
Looking down the second track, that has wood over trains can stop at the far track
14 July, 2006
A platform sign at Winona, MN
14 July, 2006
Passengers on the Southbound Empire Builder #8/48/808 enjoy a breath of fresh air
14 July, 2006
Stepping off the Empire Builder at Winona with a modern sign, the previous sign has been removed but the metal frame is still around it
Winona platform sign
Smokers mingle with disembarking passengers
A chef looks out of the dining car at arriving passengers walking down the platform
The historic station building set back from the platform
Another view of the historic depot
14 July, 2006
Looking over the wooden boards across the secondary track
A modern sign and station house beyond
Alongside one of the sleepers a crowd waits to board a coach
Looking beyond the transition sleeper at the baggage car and two P42 locomotives where the engineers are changing
The parking lot in front of the station platform and town beyond
Superliner Transition Sleeper #39012
The parking lot in front of the historic depot
A movable barricade on the concrete is all that closes the platform off from cars
The No Parking, No Driving on platform sign
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