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Wallingford is a train station located in the center of this town about 8 miles north of New Haven (hourly better bus service on Route C to and from Downtown New Haven running up to Meridan stops nearby). It is currently a stop every Northeast Regional, Springfield Shuttle and Vermonter train that passes by (6 to 8 total trains per day) except as of the October 14, 2013 timetable one southbound Saturdays only Springfield Shuttle train skips it. The Vermonter only began stopping in Wallingford in 2006. The station is located in the center of downtown Wallingford without any dedicated parking. All trains stopping at the tiny platform of two cars block two grade crossings. This reason and the lack of parking mean that the New Haven — Hartford — Springfield Commuter Rail Project will result in the Wallingford Station's relocation about a half mile north of today's station (still within walking distance of downtown) with, two platforms with an overpass structure for the restored two track line and two small parking lots just north of the grade crossing with Parker Street.

The station consists of a very simple, short (2 cars) nearly ground-level concrete platform with some fading yellow and white lines on the east side of what is a single track in this area. The platform is between the grade crossings of Hall Avenue and Quinnipiac Street. There is enough space to allow for a second track along the platform has been long removed. The entire length of the platform is along the large two-story, brick historic 1871 Victorian era station house. It is extremely similar to the historic station in Windsor, Connecticut. The town of Wallingford purchased this depot in 1964 and it is now the Wallingford Adult Education Center. Train passengers do have its attached green awning that wraps around the entire station to wait beneath for trains. One single wooden bench for train passengers is provided outside the depot. There is also a wooden shed, painted a pinkish color. On this shed is a sign that says "In celebration of greater independence for the residents and visitors to the Town of Wallingford, July 1993, a gift of Gaylord." Inside is a mobile lift allowing wheelchair access from the decrepit platform up to trains. There is also a modern "Thank You for Riding Amtrak" silver information panel. Finally there is one sign on across from the platform on the opposite side of the track. This is a dark blue with white directions and a red line beneath Amtrak sign with the directions to New York/Washington, DC and Hartford/Springfield. Hill Avenue and Quinnipiac Street form a triangle with the depot making a triangle (and become Center Street at the intersection of Colony Road). Johanna Manfreda Park (Google calls it the Railroad Green) is in the triangle between the depot and this intersection, making the depot stand out in the center of town. Inside the park is a gazebo and plenty of benches.
Photos 1-14 taken on 21 August, 2013, 16-30 on 16 October, 2013

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Springfield-bound Shuttle Train #470 stops in Wallingford as ditches are dug for new signaling cable at the grade crossings next to the station
Ex-Metroliner Cab Car #9650 is the second car a Shuttle Train #470 leaving Wallingford
Streetside of the historic station
The station is across a green lawn
A flag pole is in one corner of the green
The park as a gazebo way beyond the station
The green lawn and large station house
This view is from the parking lot (privately owned) across the platform
This odd white line at the edge of the platform
A Wallingford sign across the track from the station
Shuttle Train #493 approaches going to New Haven in push mode
Ex-Metroliner Cab Control Car #9643 leads Shuttle Train #493 into the station as the construction workers take a break
Shuttle Train #493 enters the currently single track station
Ex-Metroliner Cab Control Car #9643 comes to a stop
In the park streetside of the depot
The one bench and doors into the non-public depot
Sign for the historic Wallingford Railway Station
Construction, a backhoe loader is doing work directly over the track
The station, construction equipment and wooden purple structure around the wheelchair lift enclosure
A small Wallingford sign above the canopy around the station house
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