Saratoga Springs, NY

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Saratoga Springs, NY most famous event is Horse Racing that occurs there every August. The town has recently renovated/rebuilt the station building so its now a nice, large modern facility with a painting of the figures of houses along one wall of it. The station is still staffed for the two departures to New York and one each to Montreal and Rutland per day. The platform is extremely large with grass growing between tracks that have been paved over, but the tops of which are still visible. The station must have been at one time a large terminus for the elite that summered here. The platform is paved at track level with lots of yellow stools lining the platform for easier access. There is also a wheelchair lift to provide accessible access to the train. Starting in 2011 the Saratoga and North Creek Railway began offering seasonal trips (one-way fares are avalible) during summer and fall the up to North Creek (making 7 flag stops) along the way that are scheduled to connect with Amtrak trains. The line was even using two ex-LIRR BiLevel C1s with only high-level doors (don't know how passengers get on and off).
Phtoos 1-9: 14 July, 2008; 10-13: 20 October, 2012

Looking across the two grass-overed tracks that are part of the platform at Saratoga Springs, NY. The large and modern station building is behind them.
The line of passengers boarding Adirondack #68 at Saratoga Springs, NY.
A close up of the station building trackside at Saratoga Springs, NY and the four different types of seating the station provides.
Saratoga Springs is indented in some of the windows of the station house. There are no regular Amtrak station signs
A scetching of two hourses looking like they are racing are on one side of the station building at Saratoga Springs, NY.
Passengers enter the station building at Saratoga Springs, NY. There is a nice shetered waiting area facing the tracks.
Another view down the wide area across the abadoned tracks with the front of the Southbound Adirondack waiting to leave the station.
Looking by the last Amfleet I of the Adirondack as the tracks fade into the distance with the parking lot visible as well.
A wide angle view of the station buliding at Sarataga Springs, the canopie that hangs off the building in its middle is visible.
Entering Saratoga Springs on the dome car of the adirondack, approaching the dome car of the Saratoga and North Creek Railroad
The station house and short Saratoga and North Creek Railroad train stopped beyond it
About to pass dome car #508 formerly part of the Holland America Railroad, and
Looking back from the dome car over the roofs of the Amfleet-II coaches at passengers getting on and off the Adirondack stopped in Saratoga Springs
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