Plattsburg, NY
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Plattsburg, NY has a nice large original station building. The station waiting room is still open, although it doesn't sell tickets.
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Passengers wait on the platform at Plattsburg, NY and get ready to board the Southbound Adirondack to New York.
The line of passengers at the single open door of Train #68 stopped at Plattsburg, NY.
A modern Amtrak Station sign on the gables of the station house at Plattsburg .
A group of people stand on the platform at Plattsburg, many of them watching as their loved ones board the train.
An open door to the waiting room at Plattsburg. There is a hand drawn sign for Amtrak
A close up of hand drawn signs on the entrance to the station at Plattsburg, one says the station doesn't sell ticekts. One is the Amtrak logo, the other a picture of the generic this is a train station sign.
A final view down the now empty strip of pavement that is the station at Plattsburg just before the Adirondack departs to continue to New York.
Entering Plattsburg on a curve from the dome car
View from the Ocean View aon the Adirondack after curving into Plattsburg
Looking back to the platform at Plattsburg from the Ocean View
View from the Ocean View at the front of the Adirondack while stopped in Plattsburg
View from the Ocean View as the Adirondack slowly curving out of the station
Home<Amtrak<Plattsburg, NY

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