Mount Joy, PA
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Mount Joy is a minor intermediate stop on the Keystone Service that the Pennsylvanian and some weekday Keystone Service Express trains bypass. The station is located on a two-track section of electrified railroad in an open-cut between the overpass bridges of Marietta Pike and Market Street. The current station is extremely small and simple, with two low-level very short side platforms (just one set of steps for boarding trains at just one door), each containing a few benches (that have Amtrak 1-800-USA-RAIL etched into them) and a black bus shelter with a bench containing a small information panel/name sign on the rear. There is also a luggage sizer inside each shelter. The Philadelphia-bound platform also contains an Amtrak information panel. There are a few more white Mount Joy, PA signs, some partially covered in the overgrown brush along the sides of the open-cut. Access to each platform is from a long wooden staircase (rebuilt in 2006 when new Shelters were also put on each platform). The Harrisburg-bound platform leads to the middle of the station's 10-space parking lot, with access to the New York-bound platform via the old narrow bridge of Marietta Pike (10 ton load limit) and a small brick walk to Cling Alley.

The last grade crossings to be removed from the Keystone corridor, creating a fully grade-separated corridor between Philadelphia and Harrisburg were about 2.5 miles east of this station. On Wednesday, September 24, 2014, the Eby Chiques Road grade-crossing was closed along with the opening of a new road bridge. In October 2016 construction began on a new Accessible high-level platform station that will include elevators down to each platform and a dedicated pedestrian bridge. Keystone Line schedules were changed on March 6, 2017 to allow for single-tracking in the Mount Joy area for construction of the new high-level platforms.
All Photos Taken on 5 July, 2013

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A road sign for the station
The small station parking lot
The staircase down to the Harrisburg-bound platform
A previous and decayed staircase that has been closed
Looking across at the Philadelphia-bound platform
A platform sign with To Harrisburg nearly fully covered in brush
Old and new staircases
The shelter and Carry-On sizer
Papers litter the shelter bench
Info panels with an old timetable and graffiti on the Harrisburg-bound platform
Across from the staircase down to the Philadelphia-bound platform
The wooden staircase to leave the Harrisburg-bound platform
Amtrak Mount Joy Station sign in the small parking lot
On the road bridge that is the defacto connection between the platforms
Looking down from the Marietta Pike Bridge at the tiny station platforms
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