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Las Vegas, NM is a northern New Mexican unstaffed station on the Southwest Chief. The cities has no similarities to it's much, much, much better known namesake in Nevada, although it does warrant a nice big bold note underneath the station name on the Station list of 'No Casino Resorts', with Las Vegas - Bus Service, NM listed underneath it. The station has a large 1899 two story building in the Spanish Mission Style. It is primarily made of brick with a Spanish tile roof. It is currently the Las Vegas Intermodal Facility and home to a passenger waiting room and the city's visitor center. The station is also home to the local demand response MCE minibus and van system, also known as Meadow City Express.

The station building is located just east of Railroad Avenue, at the end of Lincoln Street (which ends at a small parking lot before the depot). Trains stop at a long platform a bit in front of the station house, there is a brick-off area, before a small strip of sut, before finally, the current platform made of brick. This platform is relatively uneven with a painted yellow line. Along the platform, new silver Las Vegas, NM signs have been added along with a wheelchair lift enclosure but no further improvements to the historic, but uneven brick platform. This platform is on the edge of what was clearly once a large rail yard now with only about four tracks. North of the station, along the end of the platform, is the Hostel Casteneda inside the old Harvey House.
Photos 1-19 taken on 13 March, 2008 on a visit by car; 20-28: 21 September, 2015out the back window of the stopping Southwest Chief

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The Las Vegas, NM Amtrak station is set-back from the street looking across the area between the station and the street, part of it is the parking lot.
The distinctive second story windows and the 'Las Vegas, NM' lettering on the station building
A close up of the Las Vegas, NM station lettering.
A profile view of the Las Vegas, NM station platform and station building.
A close up of the station building at Las Vegas, NM.
Looking down the long station platform from it's northern end at Las Vegas, NM.
A telephoto shot of the signage along the top of the station building at Las Vegas, NM.
The station platform in front of the station house at Las Vegas, NM a couple of passengers wait for the slightly late Southbound Chief. There is a flagpole in front of the tracks with the American and New Mexican Flags
The Westbound Southwest Chief bound for L.A. approaches Las Vegas, NM led by P42 #164, a mother and child are at the northern end of the platform watching the train.
Train #3 gets closer and is about to enter Las Vegas, NM.
The two P40s of train #3 both billow exhaust into the air (although there definitely more fuel efficient than cars and planes considering how many people are onboard) as the LA-bound Southwest Chief enters Las Vegas, NM.
The southwest Chief continues to enter Las Vegas, NM.
A view of Genesis P42 Locomotive #164 as it pulls the Southwest Chief to its very quick station stop in Las Vegas, NM.
Amazingly enough the second, helper P42 Locomotive of the Southwest Chief is #153 as the train enters Las Vegas, NM.
A view of the Heritage Baggage Car of the Southwest Chief as it enters Las Vegas, NM with the eight Superliner passenger cars behind it.
Looking down the station platform at Las Vegas, NM as the train slowly stops in the station for the passengers waiting to board. Some smoke from the locomotive is visible.
The Superliner Diner of the Southbound Southwest Chief stops at Las Vegas, NM the speck in the distance is the conductor closing up the train.
The station building with the Superliners of the Southbound Southwest Chief is visible beyond a dirt and a paved parking lot that separates the station from the center of this small town.
Another view of the Las Vegas, NM station. The superliners of the Southwest Chief are still stopped at the station in the background as well as the large station house.
A sign along the southern end of the brick platform at Las Vegas
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