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The Detroit Amtrak Station is a small and relatively new station completed opened on May 5, 1994 previously the station was at 2601 Rose Street, a platform near the Michigan Central Station that closed on January 6, 1988. At this station trains are running along a raised embankment and stop while their on the overpass crossing Woodward Avenue and stop at a long single low-level concrete platform with tactile warning strips and I presume a wheelchair lift is stored somewhere for ADA access. Opposite the station there is even a dirty staircase still open not fenced off up to the embankment that has room for two separate tracks that cross Woodward on different overpass. To get to street level all passengers must walk inside and use a staircase or elevator (this is a non-public restricted area) down to a lower landing that leads to another set of doors and the decent sized main Amtrak waiting area. This set of door is what trains are boarded through. This waiting are has some simple black chairs, a permanently closed baggage area that leads outside to a gated off ramp also up to the platform, a ticket office and restrooms. There are plenty of windows, with the names of the streets there along, the stop is at the Corner of Woodward Avenue, and Baltimore Street stenciled into the cream colored walls along with a security desk manned by a Securitas Rent-a-Cop. The main exit doors lead to a small parking lot that permits some long-term parking before the actual streets of Detroit. The station has very little signage and still proudly displays the pointless arrow logo on both sides of the towered second story portion of the station that provides access to the platform itself, the sing that says Amtrak at the entrance to the parking lot. The only sign that has the new logo is behind the ticket window.
All photos unless otherwise noted were taken on 29 October, 2011

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Stepping off of just arrived Wolverine Train #352
27 October, 2011
Passengers get off a rare Amfleet-I in a Wolverine consist, passing the baggage ramp down to the parking lot beneath
27 October, 2011
A welcome to Detroit sign on the upper landing of the entry area
27 October, 2011
The elevator up to the platform and waiting room beyond
27 October, 2011
The ticket office and closed baggage room
27 October, 2011
The waiting room
27 October, 2011
Approaching the Amtrak Station along Woodward Avenue with a single station directional sign
Twin railroad overpass at the station
An unmarked unclosed staircase up to the tracks
27 October, 2011
The entrance to the platform, still with a nice large pointless arrow
P42 #127 leads Wolverine Train #353 towards the stop at Detroit
P42 #127
Wolverine Train #353 with six cars
The rear horizon cars of Wolverine Train #353
Wolverine Train #353 stopped in the buildings of New Center
P42 #27, the last car helping push Wolverine Train #353
Looking across Woodward Avenue at the Amtrak Station
P42 #27 stopped in front of a White Castle
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