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Brattleboro, VT has been a stop in the Amtrak-era since the Montrealer began in 1972 (except when service was substituted with buses between 1987 and 1989). It was originally staffed with an agent who preformed baggage services but the station became unstaffed between 1978 and 1979, and has remained that way ever since. The station platform is simply the side of an alley roadway just south of the grade crossing with Bridge Street with a of a few parking spaces (30 minutes for Amtrak customers) up against the historic 1915 Brattleboro Union Station. This building has three stories and is built into a bluff with passengers originally entering on the top level Vernon Street and ventured down two stories to the level today that is just one track. The building now hosts the Brattleboro Museum & Art Center. Inside the first level of the building is still a small waiting area, open for about an hour around train departures by a caretaker. This has a single door with an awning above, there is a small former ticket window with a door that has an Amtrak 'Only Crew Members Beyond This Point' sign. Along the alley/parking platform there is a single old generation station sign with a red line on the wall of the building, and a modern Amtrak information panel. There is a tiny corridor that leads to a tiny waiting room with a single restroom, a brochure rack and with a luggage size template. There are green plastic chairs for seating. Additional parking is across along Depot Street directly across the street.

August 2012 Update: The Platform is No Longer A driveway, taking the Vermonter passed the station I noticed plastic bollards now blocking car access to the platform and signs saying the platform is a No Parking Zone. The parking lot across the tracks on Depot Street looks freshly restriped and is now the parking lot for all traveler. No more direct car door to Amtrak door service!

January 2013 Update: Some of the plastic bollards have been removed and cars are parking on the 'platform' again

December 2014 Update: The station sign has been replaced on the side of the station house with a modern silver and blue design
Photos 1-14 taken on 20 March, 2012 via car, 15-29 on 19 January, 2013 via car, 30: 29 December, 2014

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The information panel and door into the waiting room
The little awning above the door into the waiting room
The one platform sign
A whiteboard with the old Vermonter logo and ETAs
The waiting room
The little corridor to the waiting room
The one window from the waiting room out to the platform
A car parked on the platform
A group waits for the Vermonter
Sign for the station and the entrance to the alley parking lot
Looking across the tracks to the station 'platform' roadway
Across from the historic stone station, streetside
Going down to track level, there windows for two that gradually become 3 floors
The platform entrance, cones and a couple plastic bollards try and keep cars off
Some passengers wait for today's Vermonter, running about a half-hour late
The caretaker stands by the track (no decent platform edge) and other passengers around him
The fence opposite the platform and station where there is more parking
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Last Updated: 24 December, 2013
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