Birmingham, MI
Birmingham, MI

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Birmingham, MI is a stop on the Pontiac, MI extension of the Wolverine north from Detroit which feels like a Commuter Rail Line from all the frequent stops. The station was replaced by the Troy, MI station down the tracks, south of the current station. The station and tracks strattle the boarder of Troy and Birmingham, but is fully located in Birmingham. The stop is a classic AmShak with just a small metal enclosure with plastic walls and a plastic roof that I found myself stuck in a brief hail and frozen rain storm when I visited. It also unfortunately has two overflowing garbage cans that don't give off the best of smells. Ironically someone has posted a cafe car menu, baggage policy brochure, and an unprofessionally printed sign to upgrade to Business Class on the inside of the glass. This is on a recently rebuilt concrete platform with a tactile warning strip, wheelchair lift enclosure, two Birmingham, MI platform signs and an older information panel with peeling signage and just a faded Wolverine time table inside. The platform is located up on an embankment, on a two-track railroad line and three wooden platforms lead out to small concrete boarding areas along the second track. A concrete ramp that switchbacks once is the station entrance to where Villa Road curves south a bit. The stop is in the midst of the rail district, a newly emerging neighborhood with amenities like luxury rental apartments and is slightly less than a mile east of Woodward Avenue, the center of downtown. There railroad station signs all the way to the station from this far away. A few blocks north of the station the old Grand Truck Railroad has been turned into the Chop House restaurant.
All photos taken on 29 October, 2011

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1984-2014 Birmingham Station|Current Troy Transportation Center
The restaurant turned historic depot
The Big Rosk Chop House is now housed in the historic depot
The only signage inside the AmShak, for business class service, the baggage policy and a cafe car menu
One of two overflowing garbage cans stuck inside during a brief thunder, rain and frozen rainstorm
Hail falls on the wooden crossing that provides access to the second track
Stuck in the AmShack in a thunderstorm
The new wheelchair lift enclosure
An outdoor metal bench and the new brail sign
An information sign and the ramp down from the embankment
The new concrete to provide access to the wheelchair lift
A CN Birmingham sign
An Amtrak Birmingham, MI sign
The sign at the station entrance
The exterior of the AmShak
The infornation panel for Antrak
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1984-2014 Birmingham Station|Current Troy Transportation Center
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Last Updated: 10 November, 2011
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