Lenox Yard/The Drill Track
(Text and photos by Jeremiah Cox on 21 December, 2003)

The Lenox Avenue yard is the home of the 3 train and hosts R-62/R-62As. The yard is at Ground level on the foot of a hill. Over the years the yard as gotten more covered and covered by buildings that now daylight comes in from only one side. The yard can be viewed from the 148 Street-Lenox Terminal Station (3), that has its platform just between the two southern tracks. 3 trains when entering the station also curve into the yard. The yard also has the unique drill track. A track that runs parralel to 3 trains entering the Lenox Avenue tunnel, the end of it has a perfect view down Lenox Avenue. The drill track was a suprise stop on the MOD fan trip a Redbird Ramble (21 December, 2003). Later I took a walk in the neighbrohood and photographed the drill track from the street.


(lenox1) a 3 train (R-62) in the Lenox Yard (lenox2) Looking down the Lenox Yard (lenox3) Looking down the Lenox Yard (lenox4) A revenue service 3 train curves underground

(lenox5) The drill track looking down Lenox Avenue (lenox6) The Harlem River viewed through a parking lot from the drill track (lenox7) A few months later I exited the subway at Lenox Terminal, walked down 147 Street to where Lenox Avenue begins. This photo is of Looking through the fence into the drill track, a differenct MTA car is between it and the street. (4 April, 2004)

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