207 Street Yard and Shop

The 207 Street yard is more of a matenince facilty then a yard. A and C trains are stored there though. The yard also has various work cars that are stored there and IRT cars are also maintained. The yard since it is on the banks of the Harlem river was the site of the Redbird Reefing Prodject when old redbirds were dumped into the sear to help marine life. Access to the yard is via the two center tracks of Dyckman Street-200 Street (A) or by a large cureved gradual climb from just north of the el at 207 Street (1,9) The best public place to view the yard is from the uptown platform of 207 Street. The yard can also be viewed from the Harlem River.


(207y1) The curve off the Broadway el and into the 207 Street yard, Photo by Jeremiah Cox, 21 December, 2003 (207y2) The 207 Street yard viewed from a train, Photo by Jeremiah Cox, 21 December, 2003    



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