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Note: Many of the links on these pages may be dead do to more recent updates
  • 24 December, 2007: The Denver Light Rail section is fianally here with over 60 photos, enjoy! and Merry Christmas/Happy Hannukka, or what ever odd religous holiday you observe at the winter solstice.
  • 31 October, 2007: God it's been awhile, for an update to the actual site. Took a little website time off from dealing with my new Europe section, which is getting there to at least be on the web in a skeletal framework. I am very excited for all the new transit systems that will be on it. Some of it will be on the web defiantly before the new year. This update is a map of the Denver Light Rail, I expect a section for the Denver Light Rail (the rail transit system that is closest to my new home, Colorado Springs) to be on the web in a couple of weeks. That's it for insight on my website, sorry I've been so sporadic, college is keeping me vary busy with other things.
  • 10 September, 2007: Finally got a little something for an update, 16 photos of Denver, CO-Union Station
  • 2 September, 2007: I apologize for the extreme lack of updates to my website over the past three months, especially since my return from Europe with many new photos. I've just completed a move to Colorado (Colorado Springs to be exact), at least for the academic where I'm now a freshman at Colorado College. My life has definitely taken a different turn, more away from the subway. Still though expect occasional updates to this site, my current project is trying to get the new Europe section up, at least in skeletal terms. I also still have a huge archive of NYC Subway photos that I will go through and try and update over time. Please feel free to continue to send me e-mail about this site, New York, or anything at all.
  • 13 June, 2007: Added the SubwayNut in Europe-A TripLog of my six week adventure in Europe, that I'm enbarking on in Europe, leaving tonight. All further updates to my website barring any unforseen curcomstances will be entries to that TripLog.
  • 3 June, 2007: Rebuilt the 155 Street (C) page with 8 photos, the Harlem-145 Street page with 1 new photo, and 135 Street with 11 photos
  • 1 June, 2007: Added two more photos of 168th Street/IND that I took today.
  • 29 May, 2007: Continued a bit of my rebuilding sceme with photos I've taken over the past few days, did the stunning IRT platform more justice at 168 Street with 5 new photos, and one new of the IND platform. Also gave 163 Street-Amsterdam Avenue more than its fare share, with a full photo essay with 20 photos.
  • 6 May, 2007: Continued rebuilding with 168 Street/Washington Heights adding 5 new photos to page. Definately expect deadlinks when trying to transfer between unbuilt sections and rebuilt sections of the website, with a full website conversion to the new format imminant I'm not bothering to keep all links working smoothly at this time.
  • 5 May, 2007: The Broadway Line saga continues: with 181 Street and 12 photos.
  • 3 May, 2007: Added 17 photos to Mosholu Parkway from a recent trip there.
  • 2 May, 2007: Finally uploaded yet another new transit system that I had the pleasure of extensively riding and railfanning (there are photos of every station) back in January. The Minneapolis Hiawatha Line is here, with over 100 photos!
  • 13 April, 2007: My current plan for the rehabilitation of SubwayNut.com is to continue down the Broadway Line to 191 Street
  • 31 March, 2007: Finally rebuilt the pages of the 3 Broadway (1) Line stations in the Bronx 242 Street, 238 Street, and 231 Street with added 6 new photos total. There are also now links from The Bronx main page. Continued to rebuild the 1 line pages, 225 Street-Marble Hill with 10 never released photos, 215 Street with 6, and 207 Streetwith 3
  • 24 March, 2007: Brought some much needed love to some stations I had neleglected to fully cover in the Bronx: added 8 photos to 170th Street/Jerome Avenue, 12 to 176th Street/Jerome Avenue, 5 to Fordham Road/Jerome Avenue, 10 to Bedford Park Blvd/Concourse, 10 to Bedford Park Blvd/Jerome Ave, 11 of 182-183 Sreets/Concourse, 5 to 3 Av-149 St, 10 to Simpson Street, 3 to 149 St-GC, also recordings from every stop on the 2 between Franklin Avenue and 96 Street 46 in all!
  • 4 March, 2007: Finally was able to start another year fresh. Have been working on and off madley away, at the first major subway section of my website where Subway Stations are complete. The Bronx is up and Here! with over 200 new or never released photos

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