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  • Oregon Updates from my Recent Coast Starlight Trip

    After my break to write most of BART (the rest of it is too connected with MUNI for me to deal with at the moment) I’ve finally found the time to continue updating the Amtrak stations I got more photos of on my cross-country Amtrak trip last June. This Update has the final 4 Amtrak […]

  • Vancouver, WA, Klamath Falls, more Eugene and a few around Portland

    Well I was in the mood for some easier writing and it seemed like I am at a decent point to take a break from California and start uploading photos from my trip in the Pacific Northwest when I passed through on my way to take the Canadian, this update finally ads my last two […]

  • Upload: the Unique WES DMU Commuter Rail

    DMUs although popular in Europe are extremely rare in the United States because of strict FRA compliant standards. Four systems in the US use European cars on freight tracks but they have to be time separated. There is only one system (that opened in 2009) completely designed around them using both unique modern DMUs from […]

  • Upload: MAX is Fully Here! The Yellow Expo Line!

    In this update, I have fully finished uploading MAX to the website, the 3rd largest Light Rail System in the United States and the one with the most stations! First is the MAX Expo Line: Expo Center—(30 photos) Delta Park Vanport TC–(8 photos) Kenton/N Denver Ave–(16 photos) N Lombard TC–(33 photos) Rosa Parks–(23 photos) N […]

  • Upload: The Original Rest of Blue, plus Red and Green MAX

    First I finished the Blue East-West MAX that has a whopping 51 stations (47 actually served on any given run because of the directional routings in downtown): Cleveland Ave–(19 photos) Gresham Central TC–(20 photos) Gresham City Hall–(20 photos) Civic Drive–(19 photos) Ruby Junction/E 197th Ave–(20 photos) Rockwood/E 188th Ave, a station rebuilt with quite striking […]

  • Upload: Washington Park, the deepest Light Rail Station in North America

    This stop was just begging to be added separately, the one Underground Station on the Portland MAX, and the deepest transit station in North America at 260 feet below the street: Washington Park–(page rebuilt with 38 new photos)

  • Upload: Westside MAX

    I have finally gotten a substantial Portland MAX Light Rail Section done (I photographed the entire system back in October) and might has well make it the initial upload, here are 31 stations or stops: Old Town/Chinatown–(12 photos) Skidmore Fountain–(page rebuilt with 7 photos) Oak Street/SW 1st Avenue–(page rebuilt with 13 new photos) Morrison/SW 3rd […]

  • Upload: the Seattle Monorail: Transit or Amusement?

    My answer is a bit of both, the line is the oldest form of any type of fixed guideway transit still in operation in the Pacific Northwest, the Alweg Monorail built for the 1962 Worlds Fare. It is a transit mode that has never really seen the light of day on a widespread scale in […]

  • Upload: Seattle Link Light Rail and Downtown Transit Tunnel

    Well its time to go back to the Pacific Northwest from the my trip there. I spent all day today designing a homepage for the region based on what else but a map of Amtrak Cascades! Over the past to days I got the Central Link Light Rail and the Downtown Transit Tunnel Done: Capital […]

  • Upload: the Rest of the Cascades Corridor down to Eugene!

    Well when I was on my Fall Foliage Through Domes Trip I managed to get every station on Amtrak Cascades (well Vancouver, WA was from my trip there in 2006). Here is the rest of that all new section with tons of photos: Centralia, WA–(51 photos) Kelso-Longview, WA–(46 photos) Portland, OR-Union Station–(71 photos) Oregon City, […]