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  • Rebuilt Stamford and Darien with many new photos!

    I’ve continued to work on the New Haven Line from my archive on the side while working on trips from this year. In this update I’ve rebuilt to my modern navigation standards and added full summaries for two more important New Haven Line stations from my large photo archive: Stamford–(61 new photos)    Darien-(25 new […]

  • Harrison and Rye – Two More Westchester Metro-North Stations

    I’ve been working on a verity of website projects over the past month, based on past advenutes but I haven’t been able to quite get any of them finished enough to blog about. Here though is a minor update of two more Metro-North Stations from the vault, including photos from a unique visit to Harrison […]

  • Two more Metro-North Stations: Larchmont (rebuilt) and Mammaroneck

    My current “finishing things” from the archive project is getting every Metro-North Station I’ve visited (and didn’t lose photos from during an unfortunate hard-drive crash, primarily involving the Wassaic Shuttle) up on the web. Here are two more stations on the New Haven Line in Westchester: Mamaroneck–(113 Photos) Larchmont–(rebuilt with 42 additional photos)   Enjoy!

  • From the Vault – Metro-North’s Pelham, New Rochelle and Mt. Vernon East Stations

    I’m not quite all caught up on my 2018 trips to this date but have gotten a big urge to return to my New York City Routes and get every Metro-North Station I’ve visited with photos processed and a station page made for the website. The bulk of this update will be the Westchester portion […]

  • Upper Harlem Line – Croton Falls through Bedford Hills

    It’s been more weekend work time with Louise in South Bend, although the weather’s been super warm here in South Bend, the South Shore Line has removed it’s bicycle cars for the winter so I can’t go into Chicago on any biking adventures. Instead I decided to finish up what I have of the Upper […]

  • More Harlem Line: Mount Kisco, Chappaqua, and Pleasantville

    Last Monday when I was on the train to Milwaukee I felt like doing something mindless on my computer that would help the website. I remembered I had done the writing for some more Harlem Line Stations (I do have a gap, I don’t have photos – I visited the stations once but photos were lost in […]

  • The White Plains Stations and Valhalla

    Well the Harlem Line won’t be complete in the foreseeable future. I am updating the website from South Bend, Indiana (can’t wait to actually bring many more Midwest, South Shore Line and Metra Train Stations, I just need to go out and get some train and bike riding in to get the content), but I […]

  • Finishing the Metro-North Lower Harlem Line: Mount Vernon West to Scarsdale

    This update I’ve been literally working on for nearly a year! A lot of it I had finished last Fall but never proofread. This weekend as I adjust to South Bend I decided it was time to finally get in the grove of updating the website again. I didn’t quite realize how close I was […]

  • Finishing Metro-North in the Bronx, the Harlem Line

    The last time I seriously was updating the website in the Fall my goal was to do the Harlem Line and even went on a couple of trips last September and October trying to finish it off. These rebuilt stations have been quasi on the web since last Fall, but were not proofread and never […]

  • Tremont and Melrose, Bronx Metro-North’s Least Frequent Mainline Stations

    This update contains (rebuilt pages) of two Metro-North Stations in the South Bronx that have the dubious distinctions of being the only stops in electric territory (other than the Mount Pleasant cemetery stop) that lack basic service hourly or better after the 2013 service enhancements. The stops though were both renovated in 2005 and have […]