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  • Delta Flight Home a CRJ to a 767 – The new BART to OAK Peoplemover to the Q10 Bus

    After Riding the Redwood Valley Railway it was finally time to head home and end my (anti-)Epic Ski Trip What made this trip work was finding out that an open-jaw ticket to Jackson Hole and home from any major West Coast Airport would cost roughly $420. Unforchunately flying any of the non-stop flights out of […]

  • Ashby BART and the Redwood Valley Railway

    This short post discusses my final day of my (anti-) Epic Ski Trip 2015. I flew home this evening on January 19, 2015. I awake on my last morning in San Francisco on this trip, realizing it’s the first morning of the trip when I can just relax with no buses or trains to catch, […]

  • A Foggy Morning Hiking in the Marin Headlands, and evening BART Trip to Berkeley

    This is my last full day of my (anti)-Epic Speed trip, and describes my travels on January 18, 2015 Saturday morning, my one full day in the Bay Area with a Hostel switch I awoke to heading into the hostels dining room and being told we have too much Granola, eat it by the friendly […]

  • An Hour Early, Empty California Zephyr down to the Marin Headlands Hostel, after a miserable conditions last day skiing Squaw/Alpine Meadows

    This post covers my last days of skiing on my (anti-) Epic Ski Trip from January 16th (my full day at Squaw Valley) to January 17th taking the Zephyr down to the Bay Area where I transfer to a bus To Marin County. My one full day in Tahoe is probably my worst day of […]

  • Upload: Sacramento Valley Station is Finally Here (Before and After the New Platforms)!

    This station I honestly had basically finished a year ago, as I go through my photos finishing to write my (anti-) Epic Ski Trip Report I realized I hadn’t actually quite finished the photo labeling or uploaded the actual section up to the website. It’s quite massive and contains two sections: The first is the station […]

  • The VTA Light Rail Tasman West Extension to Mountain View

    I’ve been working on and off for months on getting the San Jose are VTA Light Rail up on my website. The sprawling county means its one of the least successful lines in the country and one of its two branches even runs just every half-hour during weekday middays: Evelyn–(17 Photos) Whisman–(16 Photos) Middlefield–(16 Photos) […]

  • The Final Four BART Station’s Completing it!

    Yes, as the title says, I finally got BART finished, after finishing CalTrain last week, 5 stops are shared with MUNI but the rest of the MUNI Metro is still a work in progress. 16th St/Mission–(11 Photos) 24th St/Mission–(25 Photos) Glen Park–(23 Photos) Balboa Park–(32 Photos)-including the MUNI Yard and terminals Enjoy! (I’ve got to […]

  • The Market Street Subway: BART and MUNI

    I finally got it together enough to write summaries and upload my photo essay of the four stations beneath Market Street in the heart of downtown San Francisco: Embarcadero–(22 Photos) Montgomery St–(43 Photos) Powell St–(63 Photos) Civic Center–(34 Photos) Enjoy!

  • BART in San Mateo County

    BART is going to be disjointed for a little bit, today I got the stops in San Mateo County, from the original Daly City Terminus to the San Francisco Airport extension: Daly City–(42 Photos) Colma–(11 Photos) South San Francisco–(20 Photos) San Bruno–(12 Photos) San Francisco International Airport–(22 Photos) Enjoy! Now its time to tackle the line […]

  • All of Caltrain is Here!

    I finally got around to finishing Caltrain all the way up into San Francisco! along with making it a snazzy homepage. Here are the 5 unblogged about stations (4 I think were publically accessible for the past few months) San Francisco (4th & King)–(20 Photos) 22nd St.–(14 Photos) Bayshore–(50 Photos) South San Francisco–(48 Photos) San […]