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  • Update: The High-Speed ‘D’ Branch of the Green Line, plus some of the slower ‘C’

    Today I had a chance to finish the rest of the ‘D’ Branch of the Green Line: Beaconsfield–(8 photos) Reservoir–(5 photos added) Chestnut Hill–(13 photos) Newton Center–(page rebuilt 28 photos added) Newton Highlands–(page rebuilt with 15 new photos) Eliot–(20 photos) Waban–(15 photos) Woodland–(12 photos) Riverside–(28 photos added) I also started on the ‘C’ Branch: Hawes […]

  • Upload: Starting on the Green Line: The Lechmere Viaduct plus the start of the ‘D’ Branch

    Well today I didn’t have the full day like yesterday to work on the site, only the evening but I still got some more of the Green Line done. First the two Green Line Stations that were closed when I was last in Boston for elevator installation at Science Park: Lechmere–(18 photos) Science Park–(24 photos) […]

  • Upload: A Huge Boston Update, stations revisited plus 9 more Commuter Rail Stations

    Well I was in Boston last week and need to take a break from the Pacific Northwest Section, so today’s update is all of the Boston T Stations I took additional photos at: North Station (Commuter Rail)–(8 photos added) North Station (Orange and Green Lines)–(5 photos added) Government Center–(2 photos added) Park Street (Green Line)–(17 […]

  • Greetings from Kewanee, IL

    After adding Boston in full last Tuesday night I was off Wednesday morning to fly on Frontier Airlines to Des Moines, Iowa to ride the second half RAGRAI to Davenport before I biked the rest of the way with sattlebags to here: where I am waiting for the Carl Sandburg (equipped with a bike rack […]

  • Upload: The Rest of the Red Line, Some Old and Some New Stations

    In this update I present the rest of the red lines route as it goes over the Charles River on one of the most scenic short stretches of the T (Charles/MGH) to a just beneath the surface subway through Caimbridge that opened in 1912, to the second newest section of subway in Boston, the 3 […]

  • Upload: The Quadfecta of Transfer Stations Beneath Downtown Boston

    Well Boston is finally almost fully here and done, in this update I present 4 stations over 7 pages of the Square formed by the 4 Boston Subway Lines beneath downtown Boston and are the busiest stations on the system: Downtown Crossing (Red line)–(7 photos) Downtown Crossing (Orange Line)–(15 photos) State (Orange Line)–(26 photos) State […]

  • Upload: the Southern Half of the Red Line

    This rather large update is the rest of the unreleased Red Line south of South Station, including two old tiled subway stations (although none of the MBTA stations have done a good job preserving history) and the five stops of the 1970s suburban Braintree Branch full of huge Park & Ride Lots: Broadway–(19 photos) Andrew–(12 […]

  • Upload: The Silver Line Transitway, an underground bus tunnel

    In this tiny update (really designed to break up one that would be way to big a blog post) I present the first transitway bus stations to make it onto the Subway Nut. The 4 of the Silver Line, with 3 underground that feel like subway stations for a non-trolley bus mode of transit. Also […]

  • Upload: A Small Portion of MBTA Commuter Rail

    Well I finally figured out how I am going to do transfers with a second table next to the station banner between subway and commuter rail and subway to subway, although these links will be dead for the short time being until I finish off the downtown stations, red, and orange lines. In this update […]

  • Upload: the Boston Green Line: Every Underground Station, and the Entire ‘E’ Branch

    While I was in Boston last week I focused on firstly getting every subway station photographed as well as underground the Green Line Stations, a portion of which (Boylston is the best remnant) is America’s First Subway. I also had time for the ‘E’ branch and a bit of the ‘B’ Branch. I should end […]