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  • St. Joseph, MI finishing the Pere Marquette (and pages for all completed Amtrak Routes)

    St. Joseph, MI–(37 Photos) is a small lakeside city that Louise and I enjoy visiting, so I’ve walked by it’s Amtrak station on many occasions. I hope this summer once the days are longer to get the Pere Marquette stopping (at 9:15pm) in daylight or in the sunset. With this I’ve (visited by car) all 3 […]

  • The Sleeper Lousianna to New Orleans for New Years

    Well ideally my next post and update would be of the new Second Avenue Subway Stations. Unforchunately the timing of the subway’s opening couldn’t have been poorer, had it opened on a random weekend I may have used it as an excuse to fly east for a weekend visit. Unfortunately it opened on New Years […]

  • Columbus Day Evening in Michigan City

    Happy Holidays everyone! I actually stayed in South Bend with my Louise instead of traveling back to New York City.I’ve finally found time for another website update, this one about an adventure to Michigan City to spend the evening rush hour as the sunset photographing South Shore Line trains running down the middle of the […]

  • A Drive the Closed Bangor Station (Cafe) via Dowagiac

    A newly formed weekend routine between me and my lady Louise is going to find a cafe/coffee house work in. Me on this website, her on philosophy (she’s a grad student). We also love driving to random places nearby South Bend and this led me to see if any of the farther flung smaller towns […]

  • The Rebuilt Milwaukee Station Platform Area – Getting their via the South Shore Line to the Hiawatha

    This past week I spent at a training for work in Milwaukee with a colleague. At my job the assumption is that we’d drive to the training but my boss was willing to let us take the train when I showed him that with the Indiana and Chicago area Toll Road Tolls and and parking […]

  • Holland & New Buffalo Amtrak Stations

    I’ve been trying to get myself on a better and regular website update schedule, but life keeps getting in the way… This update is of two Amtrak Stations taken on different evenings this summer on short day trips from my new home in South Bend by car, both cities in Southwest Michigan have rail stations […]

  • Hammond-Whiting: A bizzare suburban Chicago Station

    In this small update (my goal is to get my life in order to try and update the website at least weekly) again, I had a chance to process the Hammond-Whiting–(59 Photos) station that I got on my one real trip into Chicago just to bicycle alone back in June and not be social. I’ve taken […]

  • My South Bend Train Stations

    Life has once again (doesn’t it always) gotten in the way of this website, between settling into life in South Bend, making friends, and moving into my permanent apartment that needed furnishing, I did not have as much time as I expected this summer to update this website. It’s definitely time though to bring the […]

  • To Westerly via SONO, Devon Transfer and Naugatuck

    This Trip took place on August 1st: At this point I’ve done the entire New Haven Line and all train stations in Connecticut (except for a couple tiny stations on the Waterbury Branch, plus needing to revisit Waterbury itself) east of Norwalk. For the summer though because of construction on the Housatonic Swing Bridge closing […]

  • An Hour Early, Empty California Zephyr down to the Marin Headlands Hostel, after a miserable conditions last day skiing Squaw/Alpine Meadows

    This post covers my last days of skiing on my (anti-) Epic Ski Trip from January 16th (my full day at Squaw Valley) to January 17th taking the Zephyr down to the Bay Area where I transfer to a bus To Marin County. My one full day in Tahoe is probably my worst day of […]