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  • Upload: The VTA Winchester Line

    In this update I continue south with the (rest) of the VTA’s newest branch the Winchester Line, opened in 2005, it has two single-track sections where the line goes over (more expensive) bridges and doesn’t run at a grade. Race–(18 Photos) Fruitdale–(9 Photos) Bascom–(18 Photos) Hamilton–(15 Photos) Downtown Campbell–(15 Photos) Winchester–(7 Photos) Enjoy

  • The Dinner Dome Train on my First Trip to Indy – Iowa Pacific Business Class on the new Hoosier State

    On Friday, I found myself with a half-day off I have to take off, and yet again no real weekend plans in my new home of South Bend. I leave the house in the morning bicycling to work (normally I walk the half-hour, biking takes ten minutes, so I could get to the South Shore […]