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  • Claremont & Montclair

    These two stations are the closest to each other on the San Bernardino Line (outside of the new extension to Downtown San Bernardino), and both are to become parallel to light rail, if funding can be identified by 2021. Other than that, the two stations couldn’t be more different, one is the largest Park & […]

  • Cal State L.A. and El Monte

    As I continue working through my archive to finally bring the San Bernardino Line online, on this the 43rd day of home on COVID-19 lockdown, I was super happy to realize what a great evening photo set with excellent light I got on a January evening when I briefly passed through Los Angeles back in […]

  • The Pomona Stations

    Pomona, CA has been home to two train station’s that have both operated continuously in the last fifty years, although the types of service at each station has changed. Today both are served by Metrolink, on two different lines. From 1971 until 1994 both were served by Amtrak, the Santa Fe station by the Southwest […]

  • The San Bernardino Depot

    It’s time for a major station in California that I never quite wrote a page for, a depot that was the largest east of the Mississippi when it opened. Since I last visited back in 2013, the station has also had it’s platform structure completely changed for a short extension to the Downtown station, so […]

  • Ontario, CA and the Tri-Weekly Sunset Limited leaving L.A.

    In our current COVID-19 world, I find myself working from home. The past two weeks have been extremely busy helping to manage bus service cuts due to driver shortages. It’s made me realize just how important public transit is, as an essential public service. Now is not the time though that I will be taking […]