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  • Chicago-Union Station is Rebuilt with Tons of New Photos

    I made a page for Chicago-Union Station, way back in 2008 in an old format that didn’t acknowledge Metra, and pretty much stopped updating it. I got into the bad habit of embedding photos from trip reports through Chicago-Union Station (I plan to continue to do this in trip reports of photos such as lines […]

  • Finishing the VTA Light Rail Stations

    About 4 years ago I did an experiment with writing up the VTA Light Rail, that I think ended up failing. I typed up all my station summaries and decided which photos to use, but didn’t actually process the station. I decided to ‘save’ processing for when I wanted mindless SubwayNut work. The time came […]

  • Metra La Salle Street and the new White Sox Station

    Here’s another Chicago Metra update, getting Chicago area stations out of my archive, that brings another Downtown Chicago terminal onto the web: La Salle St. Station–(18 Photos) 35th St. / “Lou” Jones–(23 Photos) Enjoy!