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Upload: The Core of the VTA Light Rail

About three years ago I wrote up (and flagged the photos I was going to use) for the entire VTA light rail in San Jose-Santa Clara. The idea was to have an easy ‘churn-able’ website project for a rainy day. Although the weather in South Haven, Southeast Michigan is super nice today, Louise has a bunch of work to do this Memorial Weekend so we’re having coffee shop time between walks and exploring this cute lakeside city (which lacks an Amtrak Station, unlike St. Joseph and Holland which we are in between, the Pere Marquette running further inland here via Bangor).

Anyway over the past few days I’ve done the core of the VTA Light Rail, from Tasman(10 Photos) to the already completed pages for San Jose Diridon and Tamien, so start clicking between those stations. Be sure to check out: Children’s Discovery Museum(19 Photos), Convention Center(20 Photos), Santa Carla South–(9 Photos), and Component(16 Photos) 


Enjoy this Update with at least 200 new station photos, of this older light rail line.