Leave No Station Unphotographed: The Blog of SubwayNut.com

  • Columbus Day Evening in Michigan City

    Happy Holidays everyone! I actually stayed in South Bend with my Louise instead of traveling back to New York City.I’ve finally found time for another website update, this one about an adventure to Michigan City to spend the evening rush hour as the sunset photographing South Shore Line trains running down the middle of the […]

  • The Full North Jersey Coast Line is here!

    I think I’ve reached another accomplishment on the New Jersey Transit side of my website. Finally fully photographed and finished uploading the North Jersey Coast Line. Jersey Shore, here you come! Here are the final 3 missing stops: Bradley Beach–(48 Photos) Belmar–(44 Photos) Spring Lake–(31 Photos) Enjoy!

  • Update: Elberon, Allenhurst and Asbury Park

    Thanksgiving’s roadtrip didn’t turn in any new Amtrak stations, plans changed (we still drove, ending up in a rental car when the car broke down in Toledo, Ohio, all fixed now, but there was no use in finding a mechanic on Thanksgiving Day) but were in a rush to get through and I didn’t get […]

  • Update: Two Historic Depots and a Racetrack, Continuing down the Jersey Shore

    Well, after revisiting the Jersey Shore earlier this month. I finally got inspiration to finally write the stations from my station-to-station bike ride over 3 years ago, and get every station on this 65 mile long line. This update is most northern 3 that are under electricity, as a bonus I also did a write […]

  • A Four Day Pre-Election Day Trip to New York to Drive to a Wedding on the Jersey Shore

    Two weeks ago Louise and I flew back to New York City (her first visit with me) to head down to a weeding on the Jersey Shore in downtown Lakewood New Jersey. When I thought I might be heading down to this Saturday evening wedding alone I thought I might save the money on a […]

  • A Drive the Closed Bangor Station (Cafe) via Dowagiac

    A newly formed weekend routine between me and my lady Louise is going to find a cafe/coffee house work in. Me on this website, her on philosophy (she’s a grad student). We also love driving to random places nearby South Bend and this led me to see if any of the farther flung smaller towns […]

  • Re-starting the Jersey Coast Line: the final 3 stops from Bay Head

    This weekend I’m flying back to New York primarily to go to a wedding of some friends on the Jersey Shore. I was looking through my archive for my two primary trips down the shore line 3 years ago: Riding the North Jersey Coast Line all the way to Bay Head, and a North Jersey […]

  • More Harlem Line: Mount Kisco, Chappaqua, and Pleasantville

    Last Monday when I was on the train to Milwaukee I felt like doing something mindless on my computer that would help the website. I remembered I had done the writing for some more Harlem Line Stations (I do have a gap, I don’t have photos – I visited the stations once but photos were lost in […]

  • The Rebuilt Milwaukee Station Platform Area – Getting their via the South Shore Line to the Hiawatha

    This past week I spent at a training for work in Milwaukee with a colleague. At my job the assumption is that we’d drive to the training but my boss was willing to let us take the train when I showed him that with the Indiana and Chicago area Toll Road Tolls and and parking […]

  • Holland & New Buffalo Amtrak Stations

    I’ve been trying to get myself on a better and regular website update schedule, but life keeps getting in the way… This update is of two Amtrak Stations taken on different evenings this summer on short day trips from my new home in South Bend by car, both cities in Southwest Michigan have rail stations […]