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Upload: Two More down Amtrak: Tacoma and Olympia-Lacey, the all volunteer run station with over 70 photos!

Greetings from my iPhone and the MegaBus to Boston stuck in traffic on I-287 in Westchester where I have family obligations and am going up a few days early to finish off the green line and get some
more Commuter Rail. I am currently on the bus two hours late after missing an earlier one due to incompetence! I stood by the tiny sign for Providence (I got a $1 fare and was going to take commuter rail in) and after telling two employees no one ever got me when the bus arrived so it left without me! I didn’t have a chance to gather photos last night so this updates post will be text only.

Last night I finished getting two more stops down the Cascades:

  • Amtrak(17 photos added)
  • Olympia-Lacey, WA(71 Photos) This stop is a fascinating all volunteer run station, the depot building built using entirely private donations!