Upload: the Boston Green Line: Every Underground Station, and the Entire ‘E’ Branch

While I was in Boston last week I focused on firstly getting every subway station photographed as well as underground the Green Line Stations, a portion of which (Boylston is the best remnant) is America’s First Subway. I also had time for the ‘E’ branch and a bit of the ‘B’ Branch. I should end up in Boston again sometime soon and will hopefully have a chance to walk the ‘B’ and ‘C’ branches and do a station-to-station on the ‘D’ Branch. My previous pages for my six-year old photos of that branch, including quite a few photos of the now retired Boeing-Veritol LRVs, I’ve rebuilt in my current php standard. Once I’ve made all the station pages for Boston a rebuild of Boston homepage is definitely in the works.
The Subway Shared Stops:

The Entire ‘E’ Branch, including the only street running trolley (in revenue service) left in all of Boston:

Also a bit of the ‘B’ Branch:

Enjoy the 300 (somehow its exactly!) new photos of America’s First Subway Line, and today’s busiest trolley/light rail system!