To The Yards
To The Yards MOD Trip
(Everything in this section is by Jeremiah Cox on 6 November, 2004)
The To The Yards MOD Trip (to benefit the March of Dimes) was held on 6 November, 2004 and included the IND R1-9 museum train, a tour and lunch in the 207th Street Shops, a surprise ride on the BU Gate Cars, and the broken IRT Low-V cars. I have named this trip to the yards since the trip included a Tour of the 207 Street Shops and because the Low-Vs section of the trip were having motor problems since one of the motors was found to be going in reverse and the other 3 forward. Due to the fact that the trip ended early and was incomplete because of the Low-V problems, all patrons on the trip could use there tickets for free travel on the 7th's R1-9 trip or on the 22nd of November's Low-V trip.

Trip Log:
The Trip started on the middle platform of Columbus Circle IND station at Noon (the trip started later because of another event at the 207 Street Shops), originally the train up to the Shops was meant to be the BMT D-Types but a few weeks before this had to be scrapped due to difficulties at another Centennial event. So we boarded the trusty R1-9 train with cars
100, 401, 1575, 381 (this IRT was a newly restored R1 and new edition to the IND museum train), and 484

We took the IND R1-9 train down the 8 Avenue Express switching to the local at Canal Street and ran into the World Trade Center Terminal for a photo stop which had no revenue service trains and was closed due to a GO that sent the E via 63 Street and down 6 Avenue to 2 Avenue. This meant that we got the platform all to ourselves.

After a short photo stop the train proceeded up the 8 Avenue Express tracks to north of Dyckman Street where we switched to the tracks into the 207 Street Yard and went through the yard into the 207 Street Shops, here we exited the train through a staircase brought to its front and looked around the 207 Street Shops.

In the shops their were tables selling Transit Museum items and another selling redbird metal straps (I purchased one for myself for $5). There was also a table selling hot dogs which I bought for lunch.

A little while later an announcement was made that the 3 BU Gate Cars from 1903 would make two runs on the Broadway el middle track.
I went on both rides (There was an opportunity for a run-by but I passed on this due to the fact I had never ridden on the gate cars and wanted to ride on them). In order to exit the shops and reach the loop to the elevated we had to enter the tunnel to the A Line, which is illegal due to the fact that the BUs are wooded el cars and flammable.  We then switched back out and made our way to the loop, switchbacking again. We ran up track M of the Broadway el to 238 Street and back into the shops. We then did the same thing again. I rode in the gates between cars, hearing the rails and motors and my hair blowing in my eyes was a wonderfully feeling, that everyone should have at least once in their lifetimes.

After returning to track 1 of the yards we boarded the IRT Low-Vs on the same track for the second part of our trip. As we left the track, the train didn't sound good, it sounded like there was something slipping on the train and that the motors were having a tug-of-war. We did the switchbacks and made our way up the loop track to the exit the train sounding worse and worse. On our first attempt we made it half way up the loop just to have gravity and something else pull us down. We took a running starts and eventually made it up, the motors sounding awful, we then were stuck at the top by a signal up there and had a tug of war feeling in the cars, coming down a bit then going back up, ect. We eventually made it onto the Track M of the Broadway Line. Throughout this the train had been checked for damage and eventually it was realized that the motor in the first car was accelerating in the opposite direction of the rest meaning the train was having a tug-of-war, one car's motors going one way, the other 3 car's going the other. The motor in the first car was eventually sectioned out then Bill Wall (the person that oversees all the trips) announcement was made that the trip would end at 242 Street-Van Cortlandt Park since the train couldn't run properly and we don't want to blow the train out of service. He also said that no one got there monies worth and that tickets would be valid for the two upcoming trips. He also added "I guess the train only wants to cooperate when its in the spotlight." (Mayor Bloomberg had driven the train just a week before in the centennial reenactment)

We ran slowly up to 242-Van Coolant Park
were I took a few last pictures and took a normal 1 to 207 Street, exited and using my Unlimited Ride crossed the street to the Northbound Platform where I photographed the train re-entering the yard (this was hard since night had fallen) I then walked down 207 Street to Broadway where I took the A home.
Photos (I still have to add photos of being inside the shops and of the yards)
BU Photos
BU Gate Car Photos

Low-V Photos
R1-9 Photos
R1-9 Photos

Standing right above the motor of the Low-V trying to the opposite direction of the 3 other Cars:
1-Going over the switches a lot of grinding sounds like something is not good
2-Continuing accelerating sounding like its skidding
3-Backwards motor Beginning to accellerate
4-In the middle of the climb going fowards then backwards with everyone talking
+more with BU to come

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