The 40th Anniversary of the 1964 World's Fair and its Subway Cars: SMEE in revenue service on the 7
(photos and info by Jeremiah Cox on 18 June, 2004)

The R-33WF and R-36WF were introduced to the 7 line in 1963-1964, the first car ran on 26 September, 1963 with the cars fully introduced for the World's Fair in 1964-1965. On 18 June, 2004 between 10AM and 1PM, the cars made 2 round trips on the 7 the cars were wanted to run as expresses but because of construction all 7 trains were running as fallows: Flushing-bound via Local, Manhattan-bound via Express between Willets Point and 61 Street-Woodside. The trip was notified to the public in the New York Post That morning, there were lots of press covering the trip with an article in The Daily News the next day, the funny part of this was that I was standing next to the photographer that took the picture for the story, we were both waiting for the train to re-enter Willets Point-Shea Stadium.

My Route: I caught the train at Times Square after its first run down from Flushing, then took it to Willets Point-Shea Stadium as a photo stop when it came back I took it Grand Central (The batteries in my camera had run out so I stopped to buy more at the newsstand there) took a normal 7 to 5 Avenue, and the museum train back to 71 Street-Broadway


(smeeon71) The WF car (9306) at 61 Street-Woodside (7)
(smeeon72) The Redbird 7 (this car is painted the original red color) approaching Willets Point-Shea Stadium (7) (smeeon73) The Redbird 7 (this car is painted the original red color) approaching Willets Point-Shea Stadium (7) (smeeon74) The WF 7 (9306) at Willets Point-Shea Stadium (7)
(smeeon75) Looking down the platform with car 9306 at Willets Point-Shea Stadium (7)
(smeeon76) The Redbird 7 leaves Willets Point-Shea Stadium (7) to turn around at Main St-Flushing
(smeeon77) The WF 7 (9306) at 74 St-Broadway (7) (smeeon78) The freshly painted green car on the Redbird 7 (9306) leaves 74 St-Broadway (7) (smeeon79) The original World's Fair destination sign on the WF 7 (9306) (smeeon710) The 7 Times Square destination sign on a repainted redbird car

(smeeon711) 1 destination sign on the R-12
(smeeon712) Looking down the R-12 car on a 7 in revenue service

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