R-9s in revenue service on the Broadway Line
R1-9s down the Broadway Line
(Everything in this section is by Jeremiah Cox on 4 December, 2004)
On Every Weekend between Thanksgiving and Christmas 2004 the R1-9 IND museum train runs in revenue service between 10AM and 5PM, on the Broadway Line via Local between 57 Street and Whitehall Street. The train each weekend consisted of:
R-1 #
R-4 #401
R-7A #1575
R-1 #381
R-4 #484
R-9 #1802 (This was the last R1-9 bar built, these trips were its first trips since restoration. This car finally means that R-9 trips (as they are referred to as) will actually have a car that was delivered during contract R-9 on them)

My Story:
I went on the 4 December trip. I took the A down to 42 Street, the ride took forever because of lots of congestion due to an earlier water main break at 81 Street. I knew that the museum train would be late because of this. At 42 Street I switch to a Q train and took that one stop north to 57 Street at met up with a friend
At 10:55 the R1-9 train finally arrives, it enters from north of the station on the express tracks since it turned around in the 63 Street tunnels coming from the 6th Avenue Line.
We take the train down to Whitehall Street, where we run express to Canal. Then one more round trip to Whitehall running local, both ways.
We take an R train to Court Street and go to a White Castle for lunch.
After lunch were of to find SMEE which is scheduled to run on the 4
. We simply went to Borough Hall and waited for it sitting on a bench for an hour until we gave up. I later learned that SMEE simply after a run to Utica Avenue simply ran light to the Lay-Up track be Nevins Street and Atlantic Avenue.
After giving up on SMEE I took a 4 to Fulton Street where I switched to the A and home.

A Movie:
R1-9s enter 57 Street from the 63 Street tunnel (28 minutes-8.38 MB)

At Whitehall Street
(wh1) R-9 1802 at Whitehall Street
(wh2) R-9 #1802 at Whitehall Street ready to go back up to 57 Street
(wh3) Looking up from the tactile warning strip up at R-9 #1802 at Whitehall Street (wh4) R-9 #1802
wh5.jpg wh6.jpg

(wh5) R-1 #100 with an R-46 R train leaving Whitehall Street (wh6) R-1 #100 at Whitehall Street

Destination Signs:
Since the R1-9s don't have any letters after H and only a few have Whitehall Street, it was hard to know what to set the destination signs too. (All signs were S via Special). Some cars at 57th Street from 57th Street/6th Avenue.
dstn2 dstn2
(dstn1) A destination sign with the terminals correct. The train was S-Special
(dstn2) A Completely incorrect destination sign displaying Chambers St and Special
(dstn3) Another destination sign displaying the best it could, this time top is correct with 57th Street (Sign was designed for the 57th Street/6 Avenue terminal), the bottom says Court St-Boro Hall (This is the next stop on the R but, the station can't be used as a terminal, the sign was designed for use on the Court Street Shuttle to Court Street which is now the transit museum)
Car Interiors:
1802int1.jpg 1802int2.jpg 1802int3.jpg
(401int1) Looking down R-4 #401
(1802int1) Looking down recently restored car #1802
(1802int2) Looking down the floor of recently restored car #1802 (1802int3) Looking down recently restored car #1802

(1802sign) The about me sign in car #1802, which says it was the last R-1 thru R-9 built

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