Part of the fun of riding and being in old subway cars are the vintage ads, when subway cars now are restored an important aspect that is reproduced are old subway ads, these add to the old flavor and charm of the cars. This page contains old advertisements and public service announcements I have seen on fan trips and in trains in the transit museum.
Rush Hours Try the Local: So Much More COMFORT So little more time!
Goldenburg's Peanut Cews Bet You do better in a hat: 84 out of 100 woman prefer men who wear hats
 The Subway Sun: a token takes you to MUSIC
General Electric Washer and Ironer You country needs more PAUL REVERES...NOW! The Subway Sun: Wage WAR ON GERMS: Cover your coughs & sneezes PLEASE The Subway Sun: don't go away, go subway
Reeds Butter Scotch The Subway Sun: Ours is the safest in the world: Keep it that way: Be Careful Lipton Iced Tea Four Roses Scotch
NATO: Preventing World War III Viceory Cigarettes: Filtered cigarette smoke is better for your health Come in...or Phone...Household Finance Veribest Corned Beef
The Subway Sun: Clean City: Healthy City: DO YOUR PART Honor our Late President-Give to the Kennedy Library PARENTS...FOR SAFTY'S SAKE teach children... U.S. Saving Bonds
Don't Give Fire a place to start ask for SandW COFFEE too! Every Litter Bit Hurts Wrigley's Juicy Fruit Brand Chewing Gun
The Subway Sun: World's Fair SEE IT NOW Don't tie up mail service ...use ZIP CODE Suppose you were old?

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