An Hour at Sunset at
on Thansgiving Getaway Day 2005
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An hour at Sunset at Riverdale on Getaway Day: On 23 November, 2005, also known as Getaway Day, since its the Wednesday before Thanksgiving I decided to spend an hour at Riverdale, as the sun was setting, I got their just after the 3:36 train to Grand Central had departed, leaving on the 4:36, exactly an hour. I had an excellent time, with 13 trains passing; I photographed all but 1. (The train I got on) Also kudos to Metro-North, the small waiting shed on the New York-bound platform as well as the entire station overpass are both enclosed, and both had the heat on. Gave me a place to warm up in between trains.

As I was walking down the hill to the Riverdale station (after taking the Bx7) I heard the whistle of what sounded like a diesel train. I walk up to the overpass, and see two trains in the distance both running southbound, one is a M1/3 MNR electric train, the other, as I can tell by the Curve of the Amfleet car is an Amtrak train.
The MNR Train is the train that stopped in Riverdale at 3:36.
The Amtrak: Train #48-The Lakeshore Limited, remarkably only 43 minutes late
235am1 235am2

3:45-With the Lakeshore still sitting waiting just in sight, south of the station. Northbound Empire Service Train #235 passed Led by Genesis P32AC-DM #710, and then 4 Amfleet Coaches. Now I see why the Lakeshore had to wait, the Spuyten Dyvil Bridge only has one track.
739mnr1 739mnr2
739mnr3 739mnr4

3:48-The 3:45 MNR local to Croton-Harmon stops (Train #739). It's an 8 car train of M7as. #4194 is the front car, #4219 is the rear car.
837mnr1 837mnr2

3:50-MNR Train #837-The Northbound 3:27 express to Poughkeepsie (next stop Croton-Harmon at 4:10) passes. It is being pulled by MNR Genesis P32AC-DM #213, and has 7 CDOT Shoreliners. CDOT Shoreliner I #6203 is the Cab-Car.
868mnr1 868mnr2

3:57-MNR Train #868-The Southbound 2:33 semi-express from Poughkeepsie, running a little late (next stop Marble Hill at 3:56!) passes. It is being pushed by MNR Genesis P32AC-DM #219, and has 7 MNR Shoreliners. MNR Shoreliner I #6107 is the Cab-Car.
oosmnr1 oosmnr2
oosmnr3 oosmnr4
4:00-A not in service diesel southbound train, running light down to Grand Central, to be used as a PM Peak train, passes. MNR Genesis P32AC-DM #207 is pushing the train, and has yet again 7 Shorliners (all are MNR, except for 1 CDOT thrown in), MNR Shoreliner I #6109 is the Cab-Car
240am1 I look at my timetable and notice that theirs a good 10+ minute gap in between trains, so I decide it's time to get warm and walk up to nice warm heated overpass, unfortunately, I'm not really paying attention to the tracks and at 4:10, when Amtrak Empire Service Train #410 passes, basically miss it. It has a normal Genesis P32 AC-DM pulling it with, 5 Amfleet Cars
743mnr1 743mnr2
743mnr3 743mnr4
4:15-MNR Train #743-The 3:50 northbound Train to Croton-Harmon(Express to Hastings) of M1/3As (M3A #8000 is the front car) passes
7841mnr1 7841mnr2
7841mnr3 7841mnr4
4:21-Metro-North Special #7841-A getaway day super-express bound for Poughkeepsie (first stop BEACON) passes. The train has P32AC-DM #204, and 7 shoreliners (5 are MNR, 2 are CDOT), with CDOT Shoreliner I Cab-Car 6217
49am1 49am2
49am3 49am4
4:23-Amtrak Train #49 The Lakeshore Limited to Chicago passes. The Lateshore is already running 10 minutes late, and it hasn't even left the City Limits on its overnight trip to Chicago. The train is pulled by Genesis P32AC-DM #714. The train is a little longer then when I've scene it before since tomorrow is Thanksgiving with 1 Baggage Car, 1 Crew/Dorm Car, 3 Viewliner Sleepers, 1 Heritage Diner, 1 Amfleet Lounge, and 5 Amfleet Coach Cars (The norm is 3). Getting a dinner reservation won't be too easy.
oos2mnr1 4:24-Right after the Lakeshore Leaves another train comes-A Not In Service train of M1/3s passes. Guess another train going into the city for the PM Peak. It's car Numbers are unknown
oos3mnr1 4:35-And another Not In Service train of M1/3s passes. Guess yet another train going into the city for the PM Peak. It's car Numbers are unknown
843mnr1 843mnr2
4:36-MNR Train #843-The 4:10 northbound Train to Poughkeepsie (Non-Stop to Croton-Harmon) with CDOT Genesis P32AC-DM #231 pulling 6 Shoreliner Cars (4 are CDOT, 2-MNR) Shoreliner I Cab-Car #6207 is the last car.
plat 4:38 My train home arrives The 4:36 Grand Central-Local the train is of M1/3s, the last two cars are closed, although occupied by which looks like a large group (I see this through the window as I am running up to get on). Yet again my ticket isn't collected on my 2 stop ride to Marble Hill.
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