Fall Foliage Through Domes
Fall Foliage Through Domes
Thursday, October 6, 2011, Part 1
The Final Afternoon: First Passage to the West (Kicking Horse Route) Day 2, Part 2

Down the Fraser River, by Hells Gate and Through the Rail Yards For an Early Arrival into Vancouver

The Final Afernoon: Down the Fraser River, by Hells Gate and Through the Rail Yards For an Early Arrival into Vancouver

At noon it is time for a final lunch on the Rocky Mountaineer and we sit with a couple from Vancouver Island who are on RM's Sea to Shining Sea package, taking the train across (mostly VIA) from Halifax with a tour almost identical to ours down from Jasper

We slowly enter the station passing it by first since because we have to back in and at 4:34 finally arrive an hour early, a first for the attendant.

After two straight days of sitting I send my grandmother onto her motorcoach and I walk into the impressive but completely unique modern yet historic looking station building that feels more like an event space (that it does double duty with) than a train station. The design just big and wide open, no ticket counter anywhere, few places to put luggage (but luggage carts are provided) only works for a tourist train like the Rocky Mountaineer.
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I then walked out of the station after getting my photos of the rather impressive station building, through the protesters (don't think anyone else left the train station on foot), walked the mile to Pacific Central Station and picked up my Amtrak ticket for Monday morning (wanted to save a line) and walked another excellent mile, around False Creek and BC Place to our hotel, the Hampton Inn again. We had a small late dinner (we were in the first seating for lunch) at a Japanese noodle shop, not quite believing our adventures were over.

Continue as I Have a Full Day Rail Fanning in Vancouver including the West Coast Express!

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Fall Foilage Through Domes

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