Fall Foliage Through Domes
Fall Foliage Through Domes
Wednesday, October 5, 2011 Part 1
First Passage to the West (Kicking Horse Route) Day 1, Part 1

Across the Divide and Through the Sprial Tunnels (add photos)
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Our final morning in the Rocky Mountains in Banff started off at 7:30am when me and my grandmother walked downstairs, with our luggage (declining bellhop service), to the lobby of our hotel to check in for our third and final Rocky Mountaineer voyage on the First Passage to the West: Kicking Horse Pass Route back to Vancouver. We dropped our bags off and were handed our boarding passes and I asked what time the train was due to leave. I was told around 9:00am and that I have more than enough time to walk over to the station.

So I did and arrived to a very full waiting room and even more people waiting outside on the platform for our train. I spent the time wondering the platform and photographing (along with many others) two freight trains going by, eventually at 8:54 we saw the lights of our train with 3 locomotives—one of these Leased from NRE complete with an American Flag, a generator car, followed by six single level coaches (Redleaf Cars and at least one crew car), 5 Gold Leaf Dome Cars, and another Single Level, I am almost, sure crew car, and a second generator car at the very back because the train is so long. Not all of these cars are in use, 4 are just deadheading back to the yard in Kamloops for the winter. I later learn there are only 374 passengers onboard instead of some days that can be closer to 1,000.
/banff2 /banff6 /banff14 /banff20 /banff26 /banff36

We are moving to at 9:16. Upstairs the standard introductions are made to our crew of 4 attendants plus the Kitchen Staff named Dan and Dan. The standard mimosas are passed out for a toast, I decline, and the train manager (the same man from our trip outbound) takes quite awhile to appear. I end up missing the toast going downstairs to get some amazing pictures as we follow the Bow River. Soon we are called in for breakfast and I wonder in and don't make it a leisurely meal getting up a few times to go out to the observation platform for pictures.
bow_river1 bow_river2 bow_river3 bow_river4 bow_river5 bow_river6 bow_river7 bow_river8 bow_river9 bow_river10 bow_river11 bow_river12 bow_river13

At 11:06 we start coming into the train station stopping twice, one these stops includes a crew change at this divisional change point of subdivisions. There is another train in the small train yard.
field1 field2 field3 field4 field5 field6 field7 field8 field9 field10 field11 field12 field13 field14 field15

Continue Down the Kicking Horse River and Through Glacier National Park

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Fall Foilage Through Domes

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