Fall Foliage Through Domes
Fall Foliage Through Domes
Thursday, September 29, 2011 Part 1
Fraser Discovery Route Day 1 Before a 10:00am Breakfast

An Early Start in Misty Whistler, Along Dead Salmon Infused Rivers and Green, Anderson, and Seaton Lakes
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The first day of the Rainforest to Gold Rush Route trip we had an early 6:00am wake-up call for the 6:20 check in at the hotel. From there it was a short bus ride to the Whistler Station and I was able to photograph our Rainforest to Goldrush train arriving from the yard in Squamish from an enclosed bridge above the line. As we got on we were greeted by our two lovely attendants, Leah and Sally.
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At 7:35 we start leaving Whistler going around town passing the lakes, streams and rivers going out of town. Some of them are quite misty on this morning. The attendants make their introductions: we have two that will be upstairs with us, two down below serving, plus two chiefs that are the lead of the culinary team, there are also a few others cooking and doing dishes for us that we are never introduced too. They also come around with Mimosas (I decline, I can't stand orange juice) for another Rocky Mountaineer tradition, toasting our journey once the train manager comes to our car.

Me and my grandmother sit down at breakfast with a couple from Prince Edward Island and have good conversation as I order the Eggs Benedict which are delicious. There is a first course of fruit salad and croissants. During breakfast we go through Seton Portage and follow Seaton Lake and go through a Tunnel passing the BC Hydro Bridge River Project and leave going through spectacular cliffs, I'm sitting at breakfast so no photos.

Continue following my journey through Lillooet and Rising Up onto the Cariboo Plateau Enjoying a Wine and Cheese Party

Home<TripLogs<Fall Foliage Through Domes<Fraser Discovery Route Day 1 Before a 10:00am Breakfast
Fall Foilage Through Domes

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