Fall Foliage Through Domes
Fall Foliage Through Domes
Tuesday, October 4, 2011
Banff: Final Day in the Rockies

Flying Through the Canadian Rockies
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I woke up a little late at 8:00 for today that was the day of flying through the Canadian Rockies with two flying experiences.

Our tour today was in the afternoon, not starting until 11:00am. I spent the morning taking a walk over to the train station to start that photo essay where my camera promptly died and I had forgotten to put my fully recharged battery in my pocket as I did yesterday. Then I found a cafe for a muffin for breakfast.

We were the first stop on the tour bus that left at 11:00 and got the front seats for once as we stopped at 3 other hotels before making a our first tour stop at Bow Falls
bow_falls1 bow_falls2 bow_falls3 bow_falls4 bow_falls5 bow_falls6 bow_falls7 bow_falls8 bow_falls9 bow_falls10

Next we started down the Trans Canadian Highway and out to the Kananaskis Indian Reservation at their small new casino and hotel for the main highlight of the day, a 12 minute summit flight seeing tour abroad a helicopter.
helicopters1 helicopters2 helicopters3 helicopters4 helicopters5 helicopters6 helicopters7 helicopters8 helicopters9 helicopters10

We were strapped in, I luckily got the front co-pilots seat, l and given a headset to listen along with that also canceled out some of the noise from the helicopter.
strapped_in1 strapped_in2 strapped_in3 strapped_in4

We slowly rose up through the foothills to some of the nearby mountains and got some amazing views.
in_the_air1 in_the_air2 in_the_air3 in_the_air4 in_the_air5 in_the_air6 in_the_air7 in_the_air8 in_the_air9 in_the_air10 in_the_air11 in_the_air12 in_the_air13 in_the_air14 in_the_air15 in_the_air16 in_the_air17 in_the_air18 in_the_air19 in_the_air20 in_the_air21 in_the_air22 in_the_air23 in_the_air24 in_the_air25 in_the_air26 in_the_air27 in_the_air28 in_the_air29

It felt like a very long flight for only being 12 minutes and at the end I was definitely happy to be back on land, but can now check off riding a helicopter off my bucket list.

We were through there at 2:15 and had a quiet (the tour guide/bus driver turned off his microphone) ride back to Banff for a late lunch splitting a Pizza at a Boston Pizza.

In the afternoon our tour drove up into the foothills, to see the Banff Springs Hotel.
banff_springs_hotel1 banff_springs_hotel2 banff_springs_hotel3

Next we continued onto the Minnewanka Loop Road. First we saw a male elk that I was finally safe enough away from (in a vehicle) to photograph.
elk1 elk2 elk3

Then we continued around Two Jack Lake.
two_jack_lake1 two_jack_lake2 two_jack_lake3

And saw Bighorn Sheep
bighorn_sheep1 bighorn_sheep2 bighorn_sheep3 bighorn_sheep4 bighorn_sheep5 bighorn_sheep6

Before passing Lake Minnewanka.
lake_minnewanka1 lake_minnewanka2

Next we made our way back into Banff to go on our other 'flying experience', a ride on the Banff Gondola up to the summit of Sulphur Mountain. I am used to riding these only while skiing and this was one of the slowest gondolas I have ridden and is only for sightseeing, it does not go up to the top of a ski hill. It, along with the snow coach tours on the Columbia Icefield, are run (if not owned) by Brewester Touring so a snow coach is parked outside the base as an advertisement.
base1 base2 base3 base4 base5 base6 base7 base8

It was an 8 minute ride up on one of these gondolas (well not the freight one taking the days garbage down the mountain).
ride_up1 ride_up2 ride_up3 ride_up4 ride_up5 ride_up6 ride_up7 ride_up8

To the top base station
mountain_top1 mountain_top2 mountain_top3 mountain_top4 mountain_top5

This was the view:
mountain_view1 mountain_view2 mountain_view3 mountain_view4 mountain_view5 mountain_view6 mountain_view7 mountain_view8 mountain_view9 mountain_view10 mountain_view11 mountain_view12 mountain_view13 mountain_view14 mountain_view15 mountain_view16 mountain_view17

We had only 45 minutes before the gondola closed to get us down so I quickly walked over to the Sulpher Mountain Cosmic Ray Station.
cosmic_ray1 cosmic_ray2 cosmic_ray3 cosmic_ray4 cosmic_ray5 cosmic_ray6 cosmic_ray7 cosmic_ray8

The day ended with an hour trip to the Banff Hot Springs right next to the bottom of gondola for an hour soak in the 9 Degrees C, 102 F. We spent about an hour enjoying soaking in the pool, a nice way to end our stay in the Rocky Mountains.
banff_springs1 banff_springs2

To get back to town we walked to the Rimrock Hotel, having to wait about 15 minutes which was fine and gave us an excuse to explore the unique building, for a ROAM bus (using the passes included in our hotel stay) back into downtown Banff where we went for a late dinner to a Tony Roma's (which we also did not realize was a chain, all four of meals in this down were dined at them) whose 'famous for ribs' ribs were decent.

All Aboard the Next Day: Going through the Spiral Tunnels on the First Passage to the West Route

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Fall Foilage Through Domes

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