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The R-68s were ordered in the 1980s and were way overbuilt unlike the earlyer R-44s and R-46s each car was and individual unit but now each car has been put into a perminate four car set since full width cabs are a must (3 2 car sets for Franklin Avenue shuttle) the cars were more expensive per unit then the R-142s and R-143. The trains are 75 feet long and have the orange seats. The origional floors are very white and are currently being replaced with darker ones. The cars will probably have to have an early General Overhall because of numbers of small problems. They have the same silver interiers as the R-62s. The cars run on the full time Coney Island Yard Lines (D,N,Q), out of Concouse (D) and on the Franklin Avenue Shuttle.
Facts About the R-68s
Lines Normally run on (normal number of cars per train): A(10), C(8)

Builder: St. Louis Car Co.
Rebuilder: G-E: Buffalo Transit Services 1988-89
Westinghouse-Amrail Company plaque

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