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The R-44s are the lemons of the MTA. The cars run on both the subway and are the Staten Island Railway's (Extra cars for it were added on to the order) only rolling stock. They were the first 75 foot car order, so trains operate 8 cars, but take up the same platform space as 10 shorter cars. In thorey the cars can reach 80 miles per hour (the new Second Avenue subway plan at the time was to accomadate it), but now thay rarely pass 40. The cars look and feel like the R-46s but thay sill have the glass (on the SIR it has been removed) between the seats and the door vestibules. There cabs are also smaller. They were also the first cars with full width cabs and orange cut-out seats. On the subway they run exclusively on the A line and Rockaway Park Shuttle
Facts About the R-44s
Lines Normally run on (normal number of cars per train): A(8), S(Rockaway-4), SIR (4)
Builder: St. Louis Car Co.

(r442) The exterier of an R-44 stopped at 181 Street, the photo works because there are only support colomns inbetween the tracks at the northern end. Photo by and merged by Jeremiah Cox, 13 November, 2003 (This panarama was oringinally 3 photos)

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