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34a11.jpg r381 r382 R38 #3984 still has rubber around the destination sign
(34a11) a A information sign with a A (R38) local in the background because of construction at 34 Street-Penn Station (A,C,E),  Photo by Jeremiah Cox, 8 February, 2004 (r381) Looking into an R-38 Cab, Photo by Jeremiah Cox, 5 February, 2004 (r382) In the middle of an A train, in between two two-car sets of R-38s the flip-dot display says "B" by Jeremiah Cox, 4 December, 2004 (r383) R-38 #3984 sign for A still has rubber around the destination locations. Photo by Jeremiah Cox, 6 December, 2004

(wtca6) An Uptown R-38 C train  at Chambers Street (A,C) Photo by Jeremiah Cox, 22 December, 2004

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**Due to darkness This photo was digitally enhanced

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