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The R-38s are similar to the R-32s, the easiest way to tell them apart is that the corrugations go only half way up. Also the car # signs are in the same font as the old redbirds (R-32s have a different font). The cars have railfan windows, half width cabs, and bench seats that are completely longitudinal and the normal gray. The trains have vertical rollsings that are not the same but are very similar as the R-32 (Click here for some R-32 rollsign options). Each train is in a terminate 2 car set with conductor cabs at the middle of the car. I have seen trains that are a combination of R-32 and R-38 sets. Currently all the bottom destination roll signs are being replaced with signs that say for example "Far Rockaway via JFK Airport instead of "Mott Avenue Far Rockaway" these destination signs also have the text centered. The destinations used to have TO-> written on one side, most of these have been removed. The trains also have the nice New York City Transit Authority signs on the windowless side of the front of the train. The cars got a not very good overhaul by GE, a lot of the roofs are started to rust, but some of them are being replaced. The cars run exclusively on the A and C lines. I find the R-38s almost the same as the R-32s except in worse condition.
Facts About the R-38s
Lines Normally run on (normal number of cars per train): A(10), C(8)
Builder: St. Louis Car Co.
Rebuilder: G-E: Buffalo Transit Services 1988-89

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