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R-32 Roll Signs
(all photos are by Jeremiah Cox on 28 August, 2004)

The fallowing photos were taken when I noticed a R-32 E train at World Trade Center (after a MOD trip) that had a bottom roll sign set to (X). with no route (there is the same font for Y,U,T and P). The car is one of the few cars left that the destination signs can be turned by hand with out a key. I took the photos switching back to the right E sign. Each sign is also available in a larger format for outside that is bigger then the glass and upside down. These appear just 'after' (starting from A) the right signs. The top 'north' destination sign was jammed at the beginning of the role and very hard to turn, the bottom was set to 'Queensboro Plaza' (I only had time to correct the 'south' one). All photos are in the order they were in coming back from (X).
R-32 #3542 still has roll signs with built in cranks. (this might have been the train these photos are from)
R-32GE rebuilt #3594 still has roll signs with built in cranks, this car also has no AC working when I rode it on a hot July day

(r32s1) The (X) sign with no destination (r32s2) The (X) sign from the inside with the original hand cranks, just after I entered (r32s3) The (Y) sign (I went towards the end by mistake), I had already turned Queensboro upside down (r32s4) The '<J> Jamaica/Nassau/Brighten' sign (The QJ ran on this route in the 1960s until 1972)
(r32s5) The '<R> Nassau St/4 Av' sign (r32s6) The '(K) Wash Hts/8 Av' sign (r32s7) The '(Q) 6 Avenue/Brighten' sign, just for good measure (r32s8) The '<B> Astoria/Bway/West End' sign, never ran, the same as the old (Manhattan Bridge Reconstruction W). The B has lots of different routes all with 'West End' in them.
(r32s9) The '(S) 63 Street Shuttle' sign, just for good measure (r32s10) The 'JFK Express' sign. (I saw it on an R-32 F train on 7 March, 2004)    

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**Due to darkness This photo was digitally enhanced

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