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(168a3) A R-32GE C (3595) waiting to begin service at 168 St (A,C) Photo by Jeremiah Cox, 16 August, 2004
(145a17) An R-32 C train at 145 St (A,C,B,D) Photo by Jeremiah Cox, 20 August, 2004

The R-32s are similar to the R-38s, they were the first stainless steal rolling stock and the oldest still in revenue service today (I think that they are in the best condition of all IND cars except the R-143s). The trains have a railfan window and the plastic gray seats. The easiest way to tell the difference between one and an R-38 is that there are corrugations all the way up the face of the car (The R-38s only go up to the window). They are the only cars that normally run on the E, R-32s and R-38s make up the C. With a few R-32s on the A. More R-32s are running on the F now because of the V and breakdowns with the R-46s. A few run on the R but don't count on them.
The pre-General Overhauled form for front signs had two roll signs on the front the left one for route and the right one for destination, it also had two lights on either end of these, and the Local and Express lightable signs (The tops looked the same as redbirds except unpainted), when the cars were GOHed all of this equipment was removed and replaced with a single letter LED sign that I find hard to read. All of the cars except for ten were rebuilt by Morrison-Kudson, these oddies were built by GE and the differences are easy to tell. All cars must be in married pairs. The GE cars have more of the original forms, the fronts of the cars look more like the originals, with the location of the Local and Express signs clearly visable and more poles inside the cars. These car numbers are:
3594-3595, 3880-3881, 3892-3893, 3934-3937
One day when I was on an R-32 the roll sign I noticed was set to (X) I spent the rest of the ride changing the roll sign back to E, photographing the oddies
Facts About the R-32s
Lines Normally run on (normal number of cars per train): A(10), C(8) E(10), F(10), R(10)
Car Numbers:
Builder: Budd Company
Rebuilder: Morrison-Kudson (except for 10 GE rebuilt see above)

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