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linee2 linef3
The destination sign on a R-32 E train that was running via 63 Street-6 Avenue to 2 Avenue because of construction in the 53 Street Tunnel, 31 January, 2004Normal R-32 E destination signs, 26 September, 2004 Normal R-32 F destination signs, 26 September, 2004

The destination sign of the one R-32 runnning on the Q, 4 December, 2004

R38 #3984 still has rubber around the destination sign
An R-38 A destination sign with the old TO-> still there 31 January, 2004
R-38 #3984 sign for A still has rubber around the destination locations. 6 December, 2004
Yellow B
D Yankee Special
For whatever reason a destination roll sign on the <Q> Express had a Yellow B instead of a <Q> this line did run at times when the North Side of the Manhattan Bridge was closed in the 1980s. 20 February, 2004
The destination sign of a D R-40S, "Yankee Special" (after Yankee games R-40 B trains come out of the Concourse Yard to fill gaps in service) 31 July, 2004
Yellow B
A J train's rollsign is set to Jamaica Center and blank, the blank is used to represent Essex Street which is only available on some signs. 31 January, 2004
H to Rockaway Park To Jay St/Bklyn
Even though a line with the letter 'H' has not run since 1994. a R-44 train's destination signs used the letter on a special (A) Rockaway Shuttle, running because of construction from Rockaway Blvd to Far Rockaway. 8 March, 2003
An old R-44 destination sign with no route letter for 'TO Jay St/Bklyn on an A train when shuttle buses replaced service between Jay St and Broadway Junction 15 November, 2003
To Jay St/Bklyn TO 207 St/Manhtn
An old R-44 destination sign A "TO Far Rockaway". 25 January, 2004 An old R-44 destination sign A "TO 207 St/Manhtn. 6 June, 2004
TO 207 St/Manhtn
An normal R-44 destination sign A "Far Rockaway"
R Cycle F Cycle 'Avenue X'
A normal new downtown R destination cycle
A normal new downtown F destination cycle when it was terminating at Avenue X due to Stillwell Avenue Terminal Reconstruction in 2002-04. 21 May, 2004
R Cycle Northbound F Cycle 'Culver Exp'
A normal new uptown R destination cycle An F destination cycle to Coney Island saying Culver EXP instead of Culver LCL on the day service to Coney Island was resumed, a number of downtown F trains were saying Culver EXP. 23 May, 2004
To Jay St/Bklyn3 137 Street, Manhattan
A 3 destination sign of a 3 running R-62A's instead of its normal R-62s. One end of the train was made up of 5 singles and was railfanable. 31 March, 2004An R-62 3 destination sign with the northern destination set to 137 St-Broadway, because of construction. 31 March, 2004
To Jay St/Bklyn Yellow B
A D destination sign when it was just running to Herald Square-34 St. 1 February, 2004 A B destination sign saying Queensboro Plaza instead of Herald Square-34 St this route would be imposable. 20 February, 2004

These are two parts of the destination sign on a 5 To Crown Hts-Utica via 7 Av Express on 30 March, 2004
These are two parts of the destination sign on a 5 Local To Brooklyn Bridge on 31 January, 2004
2-TO 96 Street via 7 Avenue Express
The destination cycle (There should be a blank portion) of a 2 to 96 St because of construction on 2 October, 2004
2 Lexington Av EXP
A 2 destination sign when its running via Lexington Avenue Express, no room for a VIA like on the 5 when it runs via 7 Avenue. 27 November, 2004
A 4 destination sign when it runs and replaces the 3 To New Lots Av. 27 November, 2004
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