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Veterans Way/College Ave is an unusual light rail station located on the private ROW (east of the station the line starts to follow Veterans Way as it continues through ASUs campus). The stop is located just a short distance away from Sun Devil Stadium and alongside the station is the Tempe Transportation Center that was built at the same time as the light rail. It consists of a bus loop and bus ways that serve bus routes on both the Valley Metro System and is the hub for the minibuses run for free by Tempe around downtown called orbit that consists of five routes each named for one of the five innermost planets from Mercury to Jupiter. There is also a building partially built for transit usage there that looks surprisingly empty next to the bus loop. The stop also has display panels promoting alternative forms of transit such as biking and walking. The light rail platforms themselves are just north of the bus loop, and the stop has a unique for Phoenix (Denver is the city I associate with the layout) side platform (that also serves the busways)-track-island platform-track design. Unlike in Denver though the Mesa-bound trains stopping on the track that boarders two platforms only stop on the side platform. In Denver the doors open on both sides. Just west of the station is a lay-up track that is used for the extra service run during Sun Devil Games.
Public Art Program: Landmarks by Tad Norie Savinar it consists of small touchable bronze models of statues in Tempe that are designed to be touched. Each includes a discription and interpretation of the landmark in bralle only.
Photos of the Station Under Construction in March 2008

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Approaching Sun Devil Stadium along the ROW
LRV #140A goes through ASU's campus
LRV #102B runs through ASU's campus
The line curves onto its private ROW just before the station
The tracks curve into the station
Buses stopped in the bus loop
A bicycling information display
Another view of the alternative transportation display
The entrance to the strange island platform
Looking down the Mesa-bound train that platforms twice
A view of the two platforms
A free orbit mini-bus
Some of the landmark model sculptures
The bralle information displays
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Most photos in this section were taken on a visit to Arizona on March 18-19, 2011 by your webmaster. Construction Photos Taken on March 15, 2008
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