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University Drive/Rural Road is a light rail station on its own private ROW, located on a diagonal as the line crosses between Rural Road and University Drive. This stop also serves ASU campus (the stops from here and into Downtown Tempe are quite close together since they serve the center of town). Just beyond the station the tracks enter terrace Ave and resume their standard central median running all the way to Mesa. This stop has two side platforms, each with the standard large canopy structures, and sets of benches that both face the tracks and are behind the tracks to provide constant shade cover. South of the stop along the Mesa-bound platform is a small bus loop (really just a series of bus stops), north of the Phoenix-bound platform is just a random empty field of space, with little growing and xeriscaped plants.

Public Art Program: Spirit of Inquiry by Norie Sato and Bill Will: The main part of the exhibit consists of a spherical ball in the plaza alongside the station, that has quotes on it regarding the importance of science and learning. Fitting since the stops on ASU's Tempe Campus

Photos 27-39: 25 June, 2013

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The Phoenix-bound platform
An ASU wrapped LRV stops at the campuses station, just the destination sign is visible. The inside of these cars (combined with the tinted glass) are extremely dim and hard to look out of
A fraternity has adopted the station
LRV #109A leaves for Phoenix
The bus loop behind the Mesa-bound platform
The little xeriscaped plaza along the station
The sphere of artwork
A closeup of the quotes on the sphereg
The complicated Rural Road intersection
The plants in the little plaza
Looking through a closed bus stop (buses now stop in the station's bus loop), the station is in the background
There is an abandoned and almost covered railroad track beyond the station
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