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Sycamore/Main St is a standard median light rail station and the only one in Mesa. It is the line's current western terminus. There is no real change when the line enters Mesa, just some welcome to signs and Tempe's boxy brown streetlights are replaced by Mesa's more conventional ones. The street name changes with Apache Blvd become Main Street, hence the difference in the station's name. Trains relay in the median of Main St beyond the station, where there two tracks that end with bumper blocks in the middle of the street. This means terminating trains enter the station discharge their passengers, continue beyond the station, reverse and change direction before reentering the station on the opposite track. The stop has the standard three canopy structures for an island platform. There are two entrances to the station, one at either end of the island platform. The main eastern one is to the western crosswalk of Sycamore, and just north of the station a bus loop with six bus bays can be found for transfers to continue into Mesa. There is a second unnamed station entrance at the opposite end of the station that is the driveways for the nearby strip malls. One of these routes includes Valley Metros attempt at BRT, the Arizona Avenue Rapid. There is also a Park-N-Ride lot here, and some suburban shops beyond their parking lots. The Tri-City in the station refers to a now destructed shopping mall.
Public Art Program: Brad Konic, some statues on the platform.

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A train terminates
Looking down one of the entrance walks
LRV #116A starts leaving to make its way to the relay tracks
Looking across to the transit center
LRVs #106B and #114A in the relay area
A train of two rapped LRVs, including #114A
Bumper blocks and the end of the tracks
LRV #116A
The actual end of the light rail line, just a conventional lamppost now in the median, the catenary followed by the tracks beyond
A Rapid bus passes LRV #116A terminating
LRV #116A in the station
Looking across at the LR station
Looking into the transit center and a panel saying to catch the LINK BRT bus here
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