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artwork Smith-Martin/Apache Blvd is a standard median light rail station in Tempe. The platform is located in the middle of Apache Blvd. The stop has the standard three canopy structures for an island platform. The stop has just one entrance at its western end leading to the eastern crosswalk of Martin Lane's T-intersection with the street. Smith Road intersects Apache Blvd from the north, ending at it in the middle of the light rail station although there is no crosswalk to it directly.
Public Art Program: Life and Growth is another collaborative project, seefor more info. It consists of mosaics in the platform floors, statues in the walls of the canopy structures, and floodlights at the station's only entrance for nighttime visual effects.
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One end of the platform visible with the emergency exit
The stations PVMs and floodlights that are part of the artwork
A passenger in a wheelchair waits for a train
LRV #147B for Phoenix enters
LRV #147B comes to a stop
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