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Montebello/19th Ave is the current northern terminus of the light rail line. It is located in the median of 19th Ave. The station has the standard island platform, with both tracks continue farther north enough to provide storage for another train but not relaying beyond the station. Trains must use the crossover before entering the station in order to reverse (the opposite of Sycamore/Main, the other terminus). Access to the single island platform is mainly from the northern crosswalk (at the platforms southern end) of the section of Montebello Avenue continuing only east of the station, this entrance provides access to the bus loop and a large park-n-ride. There is a secondary entrance to the west side of 19th Avenue at the NW corner at the intersection of the portion of Montebello Avenue that continues east (the halves of the street are discontinuous). The stop has the standard island platform with three sections of canopied area.

Passengers get off a terminating train
LRV #141B stops
The main platform exit at its southern end
The bus stops, there shelters are designed like those in the station
Passengers approach the Park-n-ride lot
Another set of bus shelters
LRV #149B
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