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Indian School/Central Ave is a standard street median light rail station consisting of an island platform in the median of Central Avenue just north of the intersection with Indian School Road, where one entrance is in the middle of the crosswalk. The northern end of the station leads to split crosswalks (separatex traffic signals) to both sides of Central Ave alongside one side Monterosa Street. The stop has the standard three canopies providing shade along with the water fountain.
Public Art Program: Hydrobolics by Mary Lucking. It consists of small photographs depicting Native Americans who came from far away to the Indian High School Across the street that has been since converted to a park, courtesy of one of the US governments former 'Americanization' scheme of native Americans.

The secondary entrances at crosswalks
Passengers leave the station
The one PVM at the secondary station entrance
The artwork's images
Passengers board a stopped train
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