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44th St/Washington is the station for PHX Airport and located just east of where the line crosses into Tempe, in addition to welcome signs that are visible from the trains the border is clearly evident because the streetlights structures change from the traditional round posts found in Pheonix to brown boxy structures in Tempe. The stop has a single island platform where the only open ramp leads down to the west side of the intersection with 44th St, from here passengers have to cross the street to the bus loop south of the station where free airport shuttle buses take passengers to the terminals. North of the station platform still between the tracks is the construction evidence of a pedestrian 'skywalk bridge' across the southside of 44th St/Washington to what will become a station for the PHX Sky Train, an automated elevated people mover that is under construction to connect the rail station with the airport terminals, and will have the desinction of being the first people mover to crossover an active runway.
Public Art Program: Cloud Canopy by Mona Higuchi. It consists of a decorative wave looking structure that are designed to envoke the sky.

Looking across from the bus loop to the light rail station
The airport shuttle bus
A crowne plaza hotel (with its own shuttle bus service to the terminals) is behind the staiton, it is posed to become semi-directly connected to the airport via the Sky Train when it is finished. I wonder if it will discontinue shuttle bus service?
Sky Walk construction at one end of the station platform
Sky Train construction
Another view across the street
Stops with transit centers have information panels and conopies that look like those in Light Rail Stations
LRV #120B for Mesa approaches and enters
LRV #120B for Mesa stops
A train stops behind the decorative canopy over the entrance ramp
Another view of the artful canopy
The TVMs and canopy
LRVs #110B and #101B continue through traffic
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