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3rd St/Jefferson is a light rail station in downtown Phoenix that serves Eastbound/Southbound trains. The stop consists of a platform that is alongside the sidewalk along Jefferson Street between 3rd St and 4th St. behind a parking garage on the block in between the US Airways Center (basketball) and Bank One Ballpark (whoops I mean Chase Field). The stop is divided by a very low brick wall type fence.
Public Art Program: Cliff Garteny, it consists of a tall mental sculpture.

The station under construction in the shadow of Chase Field
The station under construction no pantograph wires have been mounted yet, just poles
The open portion of the sidewalk
A stop service directional sign
An artists rendering of the station while under construction, notice the Bank1one logo
One side of the station entrance with a small entrance ramp
The sculpture and station canopies, and a parking garage that fits into the landscape
A Ballpark/Arena Station sing on the platform
A station view with a portion of the US Airways Center
The ivy on this platform is growing well
Looking down the station's tracks
A station entrance in front of one of the sculptures and the US Airways Center in the background
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