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Today's Tacoma Dome Sounder Station is located alongside Freighthouse Square. Freighthouse Square is the historic Milwaukee Railroad's westernmost freight terminal but has been turned into a shopping center. The little branch into this station that rises off the main BNSF line onto a wooden trestle was the only place on Sounder where trains use new trackage until the extension to Lakewood opened on October 8, 2012. Beyond the station the tracks go across a modern concrete ROW with some grade crossings and some underpasses. The Sounder stop itself consists of a single platform that serves the north one of two tracks which is directly along the southside of the Freighthouse Square Building (opened in 1909 as the westernmost freight terminus of the Milwaukee Road), now a collection of eclectic businesses. The platform has a few modern glass canopies and some modern metal lampposts. The platform is accessed via either the grade crossing from East D Street at the southern end of the platform or through the Freighthouse Square Building itself. This is Sounders only enclosed waiting area and has ticket machines along with entrances at both ends, one out to the platform and the other out to 25th Street across this street from the Tacoma Link Station the two massive parking garages (2,283 spaces in total) that serve the station, and a Transit Center, a hub for Pierce Transit.
Photos 1-2 taken on 12 July, 2006, 3-13 taken on 14 October, 2011, 14-38: 11 April, 2014

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Approaching the platform behind Freighthouse Square from D Street
Another view down the platform
The Tacoma Dome station is off in the distance
C Street's new railroad crossing for the extension to Lakewood, the dome is in the background
The extension to Lakewood, under construction viewed from C Street
One side of Freighthouse Square and the Sounder platform
F59PHI #907 stopped it has just arrived and will soon return to Seattle making the second trip of the PM Rush Hour
A platform sign
The entrance to the little indoor area of the station inside Freigthouse Square
Looking out of a Sounder train about to depart with some staff outside the entrance to the little depot
A Lakewood-bound train stops in the station led by F59PHI #903
F59PHI #903 starts to leave
F59PHI #903 starts to leave Tacoma Dome
The Freighthous Square Building and a train leaving for Lakewood crossing a new grade crossing
Bombardier BiLevel #307 and a train goes down the new track to Lakewood
The green sides of the Freighthouse Square Building
A next departures sign inside the small waiting room inside the Freighthouse Square building
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